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It had been around 1984 when Vittorio Strosek revealed their sight regarding Porsche 928. This customized Porsche 928 was Strosek's very first project for his own company, Strosek Auto Design. When you look at the years before he previously struggled to obtain EVEX (Porsche) and Willy König from Koenig-Specials. Vittorio's option for the Porsche 928 ended up being because most tuners centered on the Porsche 911 / 930 and left the 928 for just what it absolutely was, which was strange because when you look at the 1980is the Porsche 928 had been really Porsche's top model. The lack of competition with this component in addition to the design talent Vittorio Strosek possessed made their option for the 928 a sure-win.

The Strosek Porsche 928 "Version we, II and IIwe"

The original Strosek system when it comes to Porsche 928 consisted of a number of spoilers, bumpers and other cosmetic makeup products split into three stages, the variation I, II and III.

The "Version I" had the normal width associated with the 928, but did have heavily altered bumpers, spoilers and a massive back wing. The headlights of this 928 were optionally replaced by those positioned in this new front side bumper, which left a smoother bonnet with only a powerbulge and NACA-inlets. This choice ended up being designed for all Strosek 928 variations, I to III. The variation I became loaded with 16" BBS rims on 225 / 50VR16 tires on the front and 245 / 50VR16 or the 225s for back. The price of the full kit had been about 14.000 DM (1986), approximately half regarding the variation III.

The Strosek 928 "Version II" was widened at the backside, enabling Strosek to attach larger BBS rims and tires during the backside (265 / 50VR16). The widened back fenders show great similarity utilizing the styles Vittorio Strosek created for Koenig-Specials when you look at the years prior to. A quick consider the variation II makes it look virtually exactly like the Version II, though the stock front side wings and smaller forward tires set it aside. The variation II was coming in at 20.000 DM (1986).

The most extreme conversion Strosek supplied was the Strosek "variation III", that was the entire wide human anatomy system for Porsche 928 while using the modifications of this Versions I and II but extra widened forward wings to fit the more outwardly put, deeper 16" BBS rims. Prices for the entire variation III had been some 23.000 DM (1986).

Improvement associated with the design

From introduction onward the Strosek system the Porsche 928 had been under continual development and susceptible to change. Only two years from the introduction in 1984, Strosek introduced an innovative new front side bumper with smoother outlines, less edgy. In addition, round the same time a corner panel had been altered back again to regular, the first Version III having a lip which most likely was not simple enough to be kept in the modified Version III design. In 1987 along side it lines had been dropped. The look regarding the rear-wing was also changed by 1987, favoring a design with part flaps that have been directed much more downward. However the essential change introduced in '87 was the redesigned rear window / boot cover. The original component ended up being a large glass window but had been replaced by Strosek by something more much like the bonnet of a Ferrari, with a small back screen placed perpendicularly on roof range. That way the boot area had been limited, nevertheless (over)heating of the inside had been limited due to the decreased glass surface. Design-wise the latest Strosek boot in addition offered the Porsche 928 a more sporty "mid-engined" look. In 1991 a new version was introduced with a brand new name for just what used to be the 928 variation III: the Strosek Ultra S4. The medial side dresses and bumpers of new Strosek Ultra were a great deal more curved compared to the ones of earlier variation III. Leading bumper had an individual huge curved cut-out, the rear bumper had a similar cut-out with two large-diameter fatigue pipes protruding trough it on either side. An optional bonnet for the Strosek Ultra ended up being readily available with two rounded cut-outs which offered the hot air regarding the V8 motor an easy method of escape. Wing mirrors were altered to look much more curved and the part dress now had a far more rounded opening for brake air conditioning. 1992 was the year Strosek introduced the Ultra Wing, a Porsche 928 S4 with butterfly doorways, a patented design and although quite a typical tuning function on vehicles post-2000, in 1992 it surely was some thing new.

It absolutely was towards belated 1980's that Strosek appears to have stepped away from the initial concept to fully eliminate pop-up headlights, utilizing the standard headlights once again appearing more about the variation III conversions. Grounds because of this had been that in certain nations the Hella-headlights when you look at the bumper that changed the pop-ups just weren't appropriate due to the level these people were set up. Strosek didn't such as the pop-ups which means this was an issue until a fresh option had been made available from Strosek in 1988: the Bosch produced PE-headlights (PE stands for Poly Ellipsoid), which were set up by Strosek instead of the pop-up eggs, as Vittorio Strosek accustomed call all of them.

The rim design has also been altered from the 16" BBS rims, by 1988 17" OZ Futura tires were standard and by 1992 an innovative new 18" OZ wheel had been introduced.

The Strosek program for Porsche 928 was and still is considered the most preferred tuning system for 928. The adjustments were practically factory-worthy, enhancing the original design of this 928 and making it a true supercar.

An earlier model Strosek 928, variation we (1984). Inside transformation Strosek retained the typical width associated with the Porsche 928, but performed fit the brand new front bumper, bonnet, part skirts, streamlined wing mirrors, rear wing and brand-new BBS wheels.

Two very early design Strosek 928, 2 times a variation II (1984). The Strosek Porsche 928 Version II was widened when you look at the rear, just like the top-model, the Version III. It did but did not have the flared front fenders and deeper front side rims. The spoiler above the back screen was normally lacking, though it will have the huge rear wing.

This is certainly an early on model Strosek 928 Version III, which is often distinguished from various other variations because of it's widened front fenders. Apart from that in addition to unique tires it really is no not the same as the Version II above.

The disks which cover the BBS rims are high-tech wheel addresses that enable more fresh air to sweet the brakes.

Note the huge back wing, which incidentally is of similar design as wings utilized on many Koenig-Specials cars (Mercedes SL R107, Ferrari Testarossa, Jaguar XJS, etc).

A Strosek Porsche 928 "Version IIwe" at high speed. Strosek managed to match the performance using appearance: the stock Porsche 928 S (1986) had 310 BHP, this may be improved to 354 BHP by replacing the camshafts and new cylinder minds, or even for the greater needy there was a 405 BHP variation which owed it really is extra capacity to two MPD-Turbo-compressors. Both engine conversion rates had been done by specialist companies.

Porsche 928 -shit-prolly-car- ;-D
Porsche 928 -shit-prolly-car- ... ;-D
Porsche 928 Gembella SUPERSNEL super zware geluid!
Porsche 928 Gembella SUPERSNEL super zware geluid!
Porsche 928 1985-86 Supercharger Kit Overview
Porsche 928 1985-86 Supercharger Kit Overview

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