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Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT

The Porsche Carrera GT ended up being the pinnacle for the super sportscar genre with its time, and put a Nürburgring lap record for production automobiles of 7 min 32 sec in 2004. Only 1, 270 automobiles was indeed made whenever production stopped in 2006.

For many who want to get such a car now, the MIRAGE GT comes as a turnkey GEMBALLA design on the basis of the Carrera GT, and features unique human anatomy, inside, chassis and engine customizations. Aerodynamics is an essential element with these types of a quick automobile, and extensive wind tunnel examination ended up being done to make certain enhanced stability for the MIRAGE GT at speed. On top of that, airflow into, through and from certain areas of the bodywork resolved the more motor and brake air conditioning demands. GEMBALLA proceeded just what Porsche started, with considerable usage of carbon-fibre in the bodywork and chassis. Advanced electronic measuring gear to dimension the base automobile makes for a great fit of all of the new elements. The 3 larger environment intakes, which offer within the whole width of the new-front bumper, together with recessed door elements take their particular styling cues from the famous GEMBALLA AVALANCHE. 1st generation AVALANCHE made its first when you look at the mid-1980s, and ended up being based on the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Innovative suspension technology with a wide range of adjustability to pay for road and track use lays the groundwork when it comes to MIRAGE GT’s safe deployment of its extra motor energy.

This uprated suspension makes use of race-style coil-over units with spring pan level modification, and independent modification for reversal and rebound configurations of its gas-filled dampers. A practical function could be the electro-hydraulic level modification both for axles. This works in the touch of a button, raising the automobile by 45mm if you want to clear a speed bump or ramp. The automobile returns to its regular trip height either when you press the switch again, or instantly upon reaching 80 km/h.

The lightweight idea of the body and framework goes on utilizing the unique high-tech forged alloy rims. Of the same 19 front and 20-inch diameters since the OE rims but lighter, the lower unsprung fat they confer benefits dealing with. They use the OE motorsport design centre-lock wheel bolt system which allows fast wheel changes on racetrack.

The five open spokes of the GEMBALLA rims in addition assist to enhance cooling airflow towards the internally ventilated ceramic composite braking system discs, making sure enhanced weight to brake fade on course.

The Formula One impressed 5.7-litre V10 engine is an unusual thoroughbred when it comes to overall performance faculties and soundtrack. Using a bespoke ram-air intake system, freer flowing stainless steel fatigue with sport steel catalytic convertors and remapped ECU, GEMBALLA’s designers have actually increased its output from 612 to 670 hp, with top torque up from 590 to 630 Nm.

The purpose-built metal fatigue system whoever two tailpipes part into four outlets machined from billet alloy, give the automobile a far more purposeful hunting business end. The system in addition arises the wick regarding uprated motor’s sound recording. The V10’s scream happens to be more spine tingling due to the fact GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT blasts to 100km/h within 3.7 seconds, and on to its 335km/h Vmax.

The first carbon-fibre race clutch is difficult to make use of, especially in town circumstances. The GEMBALLA replacement functions special pads developed to boost the metering of clutch pedal pressure, thus guaranteeing a smooth and judder-free wedding in stop-go traffic. To create the infotainment system current, GEMBALLA redesigned the center system the MIRAGE GT interior. The latest carbon-fibre system contains the GEMBALLA Multimedia unit with Data Control program. You'll call-up many different features regarding widescreen show, including satellite-navigation maps to overall performance gauges showing the automobiles instantaneous speed, lateral-acceleration and deceleration values.

The MIRAGE GT takes the original Carrera GT concept to the next level, more boosting its gravitas within the supercar world.

Selecting a GEMBALLA vehicle is making a statement that can be further underlined by a matching bespoke interior. Regarding an individual chosen color and trim materials, the sky could be the limit. Top-notch fabric and good fabrics - plain or patterned - add to the sense of unbridled deluxe, and also the tiniest switches and panels can be covered in fine leather-based or colour-coded. Trim place panels in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, wood, as well as diamonds can all be handcrafted to perform an original inside portrait. The ability and awareness of information of GEMBALLA’s master craftsmen and upholsterers ensures a great result which will shock and please the property owner. This is certainly automotive haute couture at its finest. GEMBALLA’s bespoke programme additionally accommodates audiophiles and fans of technology, and everything from advanced multi-media to an integral refrigerator to sweet your champagne could be integrated into an interior.


Motor Layout Back motor, 10 Cylinders
Displacement 5.733 cm³
Power 493 kW (670 PS)
at rpm 8.000 1/min
Max. torque (Nm) 630 Nm
5.750 1/min
Compression proportion 12, 0 : 1

Gasoline consumption / Environment*

Urban in l/100 kilometer 16, 5
Combined in l/100 km 11, 4
CO2 emissions in g/km 268


Manual-shift gear 6-speed


Top speed 335 km/h
Acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h (0 - 62 miles per hour) 3, 7 s

* Note on gas usage and CO2 emissions:

The values quoted have been in conformity with the prescribed measuring process as defined by Regulation (EC) 715/2007 and Regulation (EC) 692/2008 in their current versions.
The quoted numbers try not to reference anyone vehicle, and perhaps not area of the provide; they're solely for contrast functions between various types of vehicles.

According to Directive 1999/94/EC in the currently appropriate version: The fuel usage and CO2 emissions of a vehicle not only depend on the efficient utilization of the gasoline because of the automobile, but they are in addition impacted by driving style alongside non-technical elements.

CO2 is the main greenhouse gas accountable for worldwide warming. More info on official gasoline usage and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles through the ‘Guide to fuel economy, CO2 emissions and energy usage of brand-new passenger cars’ is available free of charge after all product sales outlets and at to learn more, begin to see the vehicle energy labelling regulations – traveler automobile EnVKV.

The above-mentioned website link leads to an external web site which entirely independent of We expressly state that GEMBALLA GmbH isn't accountable for damages as a result of making use of any outside website, nor do we assume any responsibility for the articles.

The information and knowledge found in any external website will not imply a suggestion for this web site or its items by GEMBALLA GmbH. Activating an external link indicates your agreement to these conditions and terms.

Source: www.gemballa.com
Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT gopro test drive video
Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT gopro test drive video
Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage Edition
Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage Edition
GTA IV - Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage [EPM]
GTA IV - Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage [EPM]

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