JZM Porsche 964 Turbo X88

Porsche 911 964 for sale


  • 21, 988 Mileage:
  • 155 Top Rate:
  • 1994 Year:
  • 5.7 0 - 60:
  • Dec 16 MOT Expiry:
  • 250 BHP:
  • SORN Taxation Expiry:
  • 5 Speed Handbook Transmission:
  • Viola Metallic Exterior Colour:
  • 3600 Motor Capacity:
  • Rubicon Leather Inside Colour:
  • Flat 6 System Configuration:


In March 1993, Porsche provided an unique edition model, the “30 Jahre 911″ at the Geneva Motor Show. While you might currently recognize because of the design name, this 964 Carrera 4 Turbo Look Coupé was made to mark the 30th Anniversary of this Porsche 911. Officially the number of this unique series ended up being restricted to a complete of 911 cars. Indeed, relating to present research, an overall total of 896 automobiles of this series are proved to be produced.

The Porsche inner signal for this special model is “M-096 “. The Porsche kind designations of design tend to be: 964-150 (LHD ) and 964-151 ( RHD). The automobiles had been produced in the model-years 1993 ( P- system ) and 1994 ( R ) system. All vehicles of this show were, specified the “ROW” market although the the greater part of this vehicles had been specified as “C00″ and so when it comes to German market.

This unique edition had been sold mainly in Viola-Metallic with Rubicon coloured inside. Additional standard colors associated with anniversary model were Amethyst Metallic and Arctic Silver Metallic. A tremendously few anniversary designs were in addition stated in Black Metallic and Guards Red. The interior of automobiles ended up being done either in grey Rubicon (71) or black colored (79).

The anniversary design is actually a 964 Carrera 4 Coupé using the wider front side and back wings of Turbo variant. Components of the turbo suspension were utilized, but also some components of the standard 964 C4. Exactly the same relates to the braking system system that doesn't carry perforated braking system discs. As opposed to the turbo, the lines of this anniversary model are not interrupted by the huge rear wing; the Jahre gets the automatically expanding Carrera 2/4 rear wing.

Wheels and tires employed for the anniversary are 7 and 9 J x 17 alloy wheels in Cup we design.


Prolonged fabric to headliner / sunlight visors / tool panel / A pillar, Remote locking on center console, Electric seats, Electrical mirrors, Jahre gearknob / plaque / badging, AC, Rear wiper, Sunroof, Green tint windscreen.


This 964 sits in a distinctive color to the gathering variation – 39G Viola metallic. There may be some mystery using this gorgeous hue once the colour emerges from a tremendously dark shade of purple, though on very first assessment showing up solid, to show a tremendously delicate silver flake upon better scrutiny. The lustre and finish of the paint is second-to-none, encasing the automobile in a warm radiance this is certainly drastically offset because of the pronounced rear arches. Rubbers and plastic materials show soft and supple, complimenting the bodywork with wonderful original texture, shape and color. The sunroof appears neat and neat, running with a smooth action and sealing properly.


With Sport seating in outstanding original problem, the time Rubicon fabric is complimented by a matching carpet set; a silly and alluring combination that appears and has the scent of the afternoon it left the factory. The gold gearknob shows no signs of use whilst discreet shows such as the deep grey dials and Jahre plaque, that checks out the proper way in rear-view mirror, adds more into the bespoke experience. The trunk bench appears untouched with soft, crease-less leather, the carpet set retains a-deep stack texture and feel with real over mats right in front offering further defense.

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Porsche 911 {964} 2010-Grey for sale in Qatar
Porsche 911 {964} 2010-Grey for sale in Qatar
1993 Porsche 911 C4 for sale $23,990 Stratham NH
1993 Porsche 911 C4 for sale $23,990 Stratham NH
Porsche 911 for sale
Porsche 911 for sale

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