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Letters to Doug: can i each day Drive a Porsche Speedster Replica?Gather 'round, people, because it's time for still another installment of Letters to Doug, Jalopnik's most averagely well-known line, wherein you write me a letter with some kind of automotive question and I react with a prolonged tirade which makes you question if I've already been properly medicated.

A week ago, we received 40 different emails from visitors with some kind of automotive question, setting an all-time Letters to Doug record. Needless to say, our even more intelligent readers will point out that this was my initial few days, meaning it was additionally an all-new record low. Hopefully, things will look up in the future.

Anyway: if you'd like to participate in Letters to Doug, only deliver myself an email at, or Tweet me personally with your inquiry at @DougDeMuro. But keep in mind, I can only answer one letter each week, which means you remain a rather small potential for being selected. However: your chance is better than zero, unless you merely make use of capital letters. As constantly, names will be altered to safeguard the innocent.

These days's page concerns us from a person known as Bret, in Seattle, Washington, which writes:

Hi Doug,

Love reading your work. Anticipating witnessing exacltly what the after that buy is.

I would ike to get 2 dollars.

I'm in love with the Porsche 356 Speedster. Not a way i will pay for a genuine. But Park spot Ltd is local car dealership in addition they do customized recreations. Their cars look amazing and tend to be around $30k nicely optioned. I do believe you can easily purchase more of a base 356 for approximately $24k. To be able to drive around this kind of a very good ass looking classic is amazing.

1. Was I stupid even for considering this?

2. Maintenance? It really is essentially a VW right? I would think parts and oil modifications would be reasonably cheap. No?

3. Clearly this could not be a DD, but could it?

4. Have you got any first-hand familiarity with recreations like this? Any material to watch out for?

Additionally the partner has already been agreeable. This only indicates I'll be stuck operating my DD, Volvo S60, for a few more many years.

I understand its a shot at nighttime to get an answer away from you as you're sifting through numerous "you should purchase this awesome." emails. But any ideas or guidelines you can give could be considerably valued.

Thanks A Lot,

Bret in Seattle

For anyone thatn't aware of the Porsche 356 Speedster marketplace, let me give an explanation for existing pricing situation. Once I had been a kid, you could buy a 356 Speedster for about the exact same price as a bag of oranges. In reality, We distinctly keep in mind one occurrence, once I had been four, and I went along to the supermarket with my mom, and there clearly was a Porsche 356 Speedster parked outside with a "For Sale" sign on it. My mother looked it over, and thought about it for a moment, and hemmed and hawed, but in the end she stated: "i'm very sorry, Son, but we have to get oranges this week."

Naturally, things are much various today. Specifically: the Porsche costs about the same as an atomic arms battle, while those oranges are most likely stale and rotting.

For people of us who however love the Porsche 356 Speedster, but there was nevertheless some hope: a few organizations make really top-notch replicas based on the Volkswagen Beetle. Naturally, they offer for a fraction of the cost of a real Speedster, and that means you can drive all of them around without worrying all about smashing up a car that has the exact same overall insurance valuation as downtown Cleveland.

Now, normally i really believe that replicas are God's discipline to automotive lovers for pillaging the world of fossil fuels. I do believe this. At some point, I believe that Jesus looked down on united states and discovered that people were wasting all this work gas, driving race cars and V12-powered exotics, in which he said to himself: These idiots are utilizing up most of the oil! I'll show THEM! We'll develop a scissor home transformation when it comes to Pontiac Fiero!!

But I feel some in a different way about nice 356 Speedster replicas, because a) they truly are much more drivable and inexpensive than the genuine people, and b) they may be pretty well done. A primer-colored Fiero built to seem like a Countach, even though it makes use of 14-inch Pontiac alloy wheels? Perhaps not a chance. An extremely great Shelby Cobra replica with a huge, powerful motor? That's a lot more like it.

So I'm agreeable using 356 Speedster reproduction, Bret, but before going away and sign the largest check previously written for a chopped up 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, I would like to drive your focus on two problems may very well not have considered.

First: security. The Speedster seems cool, and drives cool, and appears cool, and shouts "cool" from rooftops. It virtually oozes cool out of its 37-horsepower engine, which, I should note, is air-cooled. Nevertheless have to keep in mind the one thing about all this coolness: this car is a variety of one vehicle (the Porsche 356) developed in the 1940s, and another automobile (the Volkswagen Beetle), developed in the 1930s. So that you're operating around in a low-slung, World War II-era low rider in a time whenever a number of automakers, General Motors pops into the mind, develop SUVs so huge they have built-in Democrat detectors and liberal-crushing tires.

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