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Porsche 911 RS America

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The Ultimate Driver's Porsche
911 RS America: Less is much more

“Handling is crisp and turn-in immediate. As Porsche states, if it really works on their ultimate, Nurburgring test-track, it will be just right for the sporting customer.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs.

The Nine-Elevens for the Nineties

“... a pure 911 that redefines the fun of operating a 911 - for about $10, 000 significantly less than a Carrera coupe.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.4 secs

1973 Porsche 911 RS CARRERA
1993 PORSCHE RS The United States

“ since the factory boasts. “It redefines the pure fun of operating a 911.” Seriously men, it redefines the pure fun of operating, period..”

911 RS America
This's for U.S.

“just what a revelation to return to the principles. Keep the ability steering for Tiptronic bundle.”

Porsche 911 RS The United States
Porsche Lightens up

“. the RS America pushes the smile aspect envelope beyond any Porsche in current memory.”

Porsche RS America

“This is a Porsche like Porsche accustomed develop, just like the die-hards always buy and retain forever.”

0 - 60 mph = Tested 4.93 secs

Porsche 911RS America

“... so we understand a foolproof way to transform almost anyone into a full-lather Porschefile: provide them with one hour of right road in an RS America.”

0 - 60 mph = Tested 4.6 secs

Driving Impressions:
RS The United States

“... within side of your consciousness you're admiring the way the engine draws in 3rd equipment simply to drop your hand into the move lever and locate you've held it's place in fourth all along.”

0 - 60 mph not quoted.

RS vs RS America:
A Battle Involving The Years

“... the '73 is more sporting - a bigger thrill. The '93 is much more practical and only a little quicker.”

Twenty years following the debut of the famous namesake, Porsche provides much more (really almost just as much) on the cheap.

“... If you prefer the roar regarding the motor across sound for the stereo, think about this among the great sports vehicle purchases for the nineties.”

Porsche 911 RS AMERICA
Slim and imply on the cheap green.

“... the activity suspension that offers the RS The united states a firmer ride and crisper management, by it's unassisted steering whose directness and feel make the motorist and car seem together with the roadway.”

0 - 60 mph = Quoted 5.3 secs

964 RS America Just in America.

“It was the suspension system and steering which really got the testers' ink (and blood) streaming though. The RS America shared the same smart variable-ratio manual steering rack whilst the RoW (yet not UK) RS and combined with the firmer, not hard, suspension and larger wheels, the effect ended up being a noticeably sharper driving knowledge.”

RS THE UNITED STATES - The rarest RS of those all satisfies its Euro cousin.

“... the RS America's formal performance figures(that) advertised a 162 mph (261kph) optimum rate and a 5.4 2nd 0-62mph (100kph) time, just like those for 964 RS.”

RS The united states - searching for a modern-ish 911 with classic driver-focused sensibilities? This 964 might-be for you.

“For those who believe older Porsches would be the true enthusiasts cars, it's difficult to fail with a decent RS The united states.”

Most useful buys: Porsche 911.

“ Certainly the essential performance oriented of the 964-based naturally aspirated vehicles.”

RS America: road 911, track attitude..

“ As the big “4” on the tach is achieved, there is certainly a forward lurch - very nearly Turbo-like in voracity also it does not relent before “6” is eclipsed.”

RS The United States in Chengdu..

“ the extremely-extremely rare 964 Porsche 911 RS America”

Marketplace - Automobile Buyers Guide.

“ If a 911 is a grea low rider, then a sharper, lighter 911 should really be a knockout - and it is!”

0 - 60 miles per hour 4.6 moments

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RARE Porsche 911 RS America Acceleration!
RARE Porsche 911 RS America Acceleration!
Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid makes North American track debut
Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid makes North American track debut ...
2.8 RSR hot rod early porsche 911 at Road America
2.8 RSR hot rod early porsche 911 at Road America

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