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Porsche Design Tower prices

As the saying goes, "Have your cake and eat it, also!" or in the way it is of Porsche Design Tower, you are able to "get condo and park your car on the same flooring too!... WHAT?!" that is right... the fifty-seven story Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles seashore with large apartments, (3, 800 to 9, 000 sqft) offer the latest robotic auto parking technology which will spot your car on the floor collectively.

And that is just the start of the luxurious knowledge residents will love in the Porsche Design Tower. The building external wall space tend to be made of cup for maximum panoramic views plus each apartment features the absolute top of the line accessories and devices. In reality all programs provide intercoastal to ocean see-through flooring programs.

Kitchens function granite countertops and backsplashes and top grade appliances. Custom Snaidero wood cabinets produce a lavish experience with rich wood shades besides the stainless under counter basins.

Bathrooms have whirlpool Jacuzzi tubs and customized accessories with patterned marble flooring, glass walled baths and porcelain basins. The master bathtub functions Kohler water closet and bidet also double basins, full mirrors and marble floors and baths.

Porsche Design Tower exterior room include over 400 feet of white sand coastline to savor also lushly landscaped reasons offering 24-hour security. Residents enter immediately, while visitor entrance is controlled via statement and video clip recognition. You mightn't require an even more secure area into the Miami location.

Smaller units will feature 2 parking places, while larger products could have four. The building features a total of 284 robotic parking rooms.

Porsche Tower - Building Amenities

  • Ocean-to-Intracoastal flow-through floor programs
  • Over 400 foot of white sand shores
  • Lush, landscaped grounds maintained by expert gardeners, guaranteed by 24-hour tracking
  • Discrete road entry managed by an estate gate along entry drive. Guests admitted via announcement and video recognition, residents enter immediately
  • Set-back from roadway and lofty design give excellent privacy and abnormally serene setting

Porsche Tower Sunny Isles Residence Functions

  • Floor-to-ceiling cup wall space in residing, dining, kitchen, bedrooms and baths
  • Raised foyer ceilings
  • Gallery-quality wall surface finishes
  • Pre-wired for cable television and fans
  • Whirlpool full size
  • Sound proofed washer and dryer
  • Raised panel inside doorways with customized equipment

Porsche Tower - Home Features

  • Spacious design includes center island and breakfast location with dazzling view
  • Granite counter and black splash
  • Kitchen help 42 inches built in, side-by-side refrigerator/freezer with cabinetry front side
  • Kitchen help integrated convection microwave oven oven
  • Kitchen Help sound-insulated dish washer
  • Frankie stainless-steel, rimless double sink with spray, disposal and immediate hot water
  • Snaidero timber cabinetry with underneath pantry lighting effects and unique package of custom accessories

Porsche Tower - Master Shower

  • Raised Jacuzzi whirlpool tub with accessories rack
  • Kohler water-closet and bidet
  • Glass-walled marble baths with Grohe fixtures and telephone spray
  • Full width mirror over two fold porcelain sinks
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Porsche Design Tower - Miami, Florida
Porsche Design Tower - Miami, Florida
3D Porsche Design Tower - Vitoria Realty
3D Porsche Design Tower - Vitoria Realty
Porsche Design Tower video
Porsche Design Tower video

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