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Originally published by buhs914 The 914 is the foremost automobile for the period when compared to other people of the same budget. Right now it's outstanding vehicle for a fantastic cost. The 1.7L h4 with double carbs can outrun any 2.0L from other producers from any age. The 2.0L h4 can outrun also v8s after appropriate overhauling to boost displacement, and that's without a turbo or super. And all this can be possible to get 25+ mpg. The utmost effective speed of my 1.7L is 120 miles per hour set alongside the stock 110 mph limit. When I get my Raby 2270cc 2.0L h4 (YouTube - Porsche 914 with new Raby motor) i'll have a high rate greater than the 150 miles per hour speedo and an acceleration that rivals Lotus's Elise. Again this car is certainly not slow and not really a mistake for porsche.

Could outrun any 2.0L off their manufacturers from any period? Truly now.

It isn't sluggish - that is, as soon as you modify it making it not sluggish. Which are often stated of any car.

As for best vehicle in its cost range in its period... I do believe that nod would need to go right to the 240Z, which could handily outrun it, give it a challenge in twisties, and had been a much more solid automobile overall. In reality the Z had been a closer competition into the 911, but at a 914 cost.

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I have yourself seen my dad's friend, Bobby, drag battle his overhauled 2.0L vw beetle to get lower 4s in quarter-mile. Idr the specific cc's but I am 100percent yes it absolutely was a 2.0L h4. It had been kinda cool looking lowered with all the sliced top, and it was a deep purple shade that was covered in sponsor stickers.

38, 693 articles, read 71, 926, 045 times

Initially Published by Drover

We presume you imply reduced 14s? 7, 000 horse power Top gas dragsters cannot also operate 1/4 inside reduced 4s.

I became thinking low 40's..
38, 693 articles, read 71, 926, 045 times

NOS does work with twin carbs on a VW. I'd the establish back at my dragster but had not been fast enough(besides becoming hard in the bottom end). Went thru rod bearings real fast and having to resize the rods after a meet. My railway had been a licensed NHRA legal 9.99 list therefore do have the feeling and understanding.

Look at a Hot VW mag to see some FAST insects and open up the eyes regarding the energy many LOW 1/4 mile ET's.

You may not see any 1, 7, 1, 8, 2.0L motors online rushing as to what a previous poster claims on speed.

He needs to be with a couple strong aregeno.

Steve (former NHRA 6984ID 9.99 Index)

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btw so that you folks understand the 914 was in reality made to be underpowered from stock. The cause of this is so it had superior managing when compared to 911 and if it were is equipped with a 911 engine it might outperform the 911. With much better maneuvering and a lighter curb fat it could take control the 911's spot as Porsche no. 1 manufacturing automobile. This caused a big stir in Porsche community (especially using introduction of this 916 model) and eventually led to it really is downfall.

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LOUD Porsche 914-6 GT Roaring around the track
LOUD Porsche 914-6 GT Roaring around the track
ForzaLife Racers Lounge Challenge - Porsche 914/6 auf dem
ForzaLife Racers Lounge Challenge - Porsche 914/6 auf dem ...

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