Porsche 944 Clutch Kit

Porsche 944 Clutch Kits

This number of SPEC Clutch Kits installs as a stock device maintaining all stock hydraulics. They can be used in combination with the stock flywheel or flywheels shown below.

We carry the entire distinct SPEC clutches for the 944 Turbo phases 1 thru phase 5. With Standard, crossbreed and Aluminum stress Plates, Aluminum and Steel Billet Flywheels, and also the 185mm Mini Twin! We in addition carry useful clutch equipment kits to supply you-all the pieces in bell housing you ought to change while performing a clutch task.

Stage 1

Features an integrally molded carbon kevlar-based, powerful organic liner that provides smooth wedding and exemplary life. This liner features an integrally fused steel backing for energy under high clamp loads and conditions. The hub is double sprung with springtime cover relieves for versatility as well as heat addressed elements for durability and strength. Best for street and many track/off-road applications.

Stage 2

Features segmented or full-faced pure Kevlar disk with metal backing. This lining features exceptional drivability such as the stage 1, but provides slightly longer life and higher torque capability. The hub is two fold sprung with springtime address relieves for freedom and heat treated elements for durability and strength. Perfect for street, drag, pulling and autocross.

Stage 3

Features a carbon semi-metallic 6 puck (recommended 4 or 3 puck)sprung hub disc that's been the best puck clutch in drivability, life and torque capacity. This product is perfect for street and race cars that require an aggressive but streetable involvement and large torque capacity. The hub is two fold sprung with spring cover relieves for mobility as well as heat addressed elements for strength and durability. Additionally for sale in 3 puck setup. Perfect for street, drag, road racing, pulling, rally and move.

Stage 3 Hybrid

Features a multi-friction disc in a full faced configuration with carbon semi-metallic on a single side and Kevlar on the other side. Bridging the space between stage 2 and phase 3, the crossbreed or also known as 2+ provides drivability and engagement quality characteristic associated with the phase 2, but with a 15-20% greater torque capability. The hub is double sprung with spring cover relieves for flexibility and heat addressed elements for strength and durability. Perfect for road, drag, autocross, roadway race, pulling, rally and drift.

Stage 3 complete Metallic

The flagship stage solitary disc for a high powered street or battle vehicle that needs a workable and friendly involvement, the total Metallic or also referred to as stage 3+ features a carbon semi-metallic full-faced product which provides unparalleled life, rubbing co-efficient and drivability faculties in one single bundle. The hub is two fold sprung with springtime cover relieves for mobility and heat treated components for strength and durability. Perfect for road, drag, drift, autocross, road rushing, pulling, rally and move.

Stage 4

This product is a great hub version of the stage 3. The hub is solid 8-rivet design plus the installation is heat-treated for durability and strength. It's available with a 6 puck or optional 4 or 3 puck setup. Make use of the 3 puck when it comes to lightest option or the 6 puck the smoothest wedding. The 4 puck is a good compromise for both. Street drivable in 6 puck setup, however street friendly because of the rigid hub. Perfect for drag racing, roadway rushing, pulling, rally and drift.

Billet Aluminum Flywheel

Metal Flywheel. Rebuildable/Replaceable rubbing surface.

This light weight flywheel is more or less 10 pounds less heavy then the stock flywheel.

Billet Metal Flywheel

Light-weight Metal Billet Flywheel.

Designed for and first offered by Lindsey Racing may be the SPEC Billet metal 951 Flywheel! This brand new scallop design flywheel weighs just 7-3/4 pounds. This is the stiffest flywheel designed for the 944 Turbo. Due to it really is scallop design, it simulates a flywheel nearly 3 pounds less heavy than it actually weighs. That puts it within 1 lb from it's SPEC Aluminum Flywheel cousin.

Force Plate Upgrades

Now available from Lindsey Racing are a couple of various SPEC Aluminum Pressure dish options!

The Hybrid Aluminum Pressure Plate and Full Aluminum Pressure Dish.

Crossbreed Aluminum Pressure Dish

This Optional crossbreed Aluminum Pressure dish for use with the Stage 1 through 4 clutch kits above. It raises the clamp load with less weight then a standard metal stress dish.

So you may utilize a less aggressive disk with extra holding capacity to fulfill you requirements.

The Hyrbid Aluminum stress dish (12.2 lbs.) features a metal Cover and also a Aluminum Plate with a metal replaceable friction area.

Complete Aluminum Pressure Plate

The total Aluminum Pressure Plate (8.6 lbs) features both an Aluminum Cover and Aluminum Plate (the round disk your clutch disc trips against) with a metal replaceable friction surface.

Both of these optional Pressure Plates are rated similar in clamp load or torque keeping capability, although Comprehensive Aluminum is lighter then Hybrid and just about every other single disc unit available by about 2-1/2 pounds!

Unlike their competitors, they require just 5percent even more pedal effort than stock, releases quicker, tend to be SFI approved and therefore are both "rebuildable".

It includes 20per cent even more torque keeping capacity compared to standard SPEC metallic versions which have much more clamping power than any of SACHS kits we sell.

The following figures are from SPEC for the clamp load abilities of their clutch kits for 951. They're for a unique clutch properly broken in and with a fresh or refurbished flywheel. Temperature can lessen these figures on a Stage I or II system with natural disks. Stage III and IV kits use metallic compounds that aren't impacted by heat. This will make the clutch feel the exact same on the very first through the final lap.

PHASE We 310 ft/lb 370 ft/lb
STAGE II 400 ft/lb 450 ft/lb
STAGE III HYBRID 440 ft/lb 530 ft/lb
STAGE III 6 & 4 PUCK 515 ft/lb 600 ft/lb
Source: www.lindseyracing.com
porsche 944 5.3 turbo project fire up teaser
porsche 944 5.3 turbo project fire up teaser
Porsche 944 turbo vs turbo Acura RSX
Porsche 944 turbo vs turbo Acura RSX
JS Racing Products Porsche 944 stock 5.3 turbo
JS Racing Products Porsche 944 stock 5.3 turbo

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