1999 Porsche 911 problems

Aside from the hardtop Berlinetta, Ferrari additionally built the targa-top F355 GTS and a convertible Spider.

The F355’s 40-valve V-8 creates 375 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque. Bronze valve guides in certain 1995 models wore out early adequate to tarnish the F355’s reputation, and though the problem has actually popped up in designs as late as 1998s, the vast majority of dilemmas were revealed in the first year or two for the F355’s run. But one inevitability is having to replace the time buckle every three-years, which could price $7000 to $9000 given that it requires your engine come out. Also, the exhaust manifolds are recognized to warp and crack—replacing all of them costs to $4000.


Actuators near the top of all the F355’s shock absorbers that regulate damping power sporadically fail. Replacement is low priced in terms of Ferrari fixes go, about $1000 each.


Rears final 7000 miles or so, the fronts about 15, 000, generally at around $700 per tire. Remember to have a Ferrari pro change the tires, given that magnesium tires could be damaged by tire-changing equipment. Also, balance and alignment tasks on F355s tend to be trickier than many.


Failed catalytic converters can cascade into further fixes. Additionally, whilst the 355 F1 would debut Ferrari’s race-inspired automated gearbox starting in 1997, this transmission lacks the refinement of existing dual-clutch gearboxes. And anyhow, shouldn’t you probably be conserving the guides?

Projected Used Value RangeS*
(Assumes exceptional condition and 75, 000 to 90, 000 kilometers):

Approximate Fix Prices:
Tires (four) $1500–$3000
Oil change $500
Exhaust-manifold replacement $2000–$4000+
(dependent on components changed)
Clutch replacement $3600–$4000
(with throw-out bearing)
Timing-belt replacement $7000–$9000
Replacement of bronze device guides $7000–$10, 000
(as well as timing-belt replacement)


C/D: Have you must supercede your fatigue manifolds?
DG: Yes, we changed both cracked manifolds with made use of, good-condition OEM manifolds about 3000 kilometers ago.

C/D: Have you gone through a Ferrari supplier or discovered an independent shop?
DG: I have all work done within Ferrari dealership that initially offered the vehicle. I do believe it’s more reassuring the person who may eventually choose the automobile from me personally.

C/D: maybe you have had valve-guide problems?
DG: I experienced my device guides replaced at 20, 000 kilometers, simultaneously whilst the significant solution. Bad valve guides, I’m informed, are what result in the manifolds to split simply because they induce higher exhaust-system temperatures that can fry the catalytic converters. The fee for OEM converters is around $8000. The very first strategy for anybody buying a F355 with all the bronze valve guides should change all of them, usually it could get costlier.

C/D: what exactly are regular expenses like?
DG: put aside $5000 a year for upkeep and you ought to be fine. Some many years you’ll skate by with $1500; other years it's $6500.

Source: blog.caranddriver.com
1 Porsche 911 Used Cars Miami FL
1999 Porsche 911 Used Cars Miami FL
Guards Red, 1, Porsche 911, Carrera Drive By
Guards Red, 1999, Porsche 911, Carrera Drive By
1 Porsche 911 Carrera Used Cars - Memphis,Tennessee
1999 Porsche 911 Carrera Used Cars - Memphis,Tennessee

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