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The Porsche 914 purchasing GuideProduced from 1969 through 1976, the Porsche 914 was born of a partnership between Volkswagen and Porsche. Lower than 120, 000 Porsche 914s had been offered even though the car was being made, but the car is becoming a well liked of classic vehicle enthusiasts. Folks thinking about purchasing a Porsche 914 can certainly still find excellent designs available in your area and on line.

Performance Differences Between Porsche 914 Model Many Years

The Porsche 914 achieved modest performance gains because it upgraded from standard 1.7-liter VW engine into 1.8-liter and 2-liter motor. However, the flat-six engine signifies significant performance gains from the flat-four fuel injection motor for this classic sports vehicle.

Porsche 914 1.7

Porsche 914 1.8

Porsche 914 2.0

Porsche 914/6


Gas injection Flat-four motor

Carburetor Flat-six motor

Optimal Speed:

116 mph.

110 miles per hour.

118 miles per hour.

129 miles per hour.

Acceleration 0-62 miles per hour:

13.3 sec.

12 sec.

10.5 sec.

8.7 sec.

Porsche 914 Available Alternatives

Porsche 914 features limited factory choices that differ according to the design 12 months. The available alternatives feature:

  • A chrome bumper
  • Fog lights
  • An actual rear seat

The Porsche 914 LE has some unique standard options. These generally include:

  • A center console with time clock, voltmeter, and oil heat measure
  • A Targa club vinyl delete
  • Black colored back roll club trim
  • Dual horns
  • A leather-covered controls
  • Driving lights
  • Anti-sway bars
  • Either Bumblebee or Creamsicle paint

Places to check on Before Purchasing a Porsche 914

Rust is the biggest issue when buying a Porsche 914, but corrosion isn’t the actual only real issue. Buyers should ask many questions before purchasing any vintage or classic sport car, but should inquire about these five possible trouble spots.


Rust is a problem for most Porsche 914 vehicles. Before buying, the buyer should check out the trunk area floor, the ground pan back, front hood-seal station, all seams, together with firewall for signs and symptoms of rust. The rocker panel covers should-be removed therefore the panels examined for rust. The jacking things should also be closely analyzed once the synthetic covers tend to be eliminated.

Battery Tray

The Porsche’s electric battery tray is normally replaced as a result of corrosion. Buyers should examine the prevailing battery tray for rust, and understanding of any repair work. If tray was changed correctly, it may suggest that various other car repairs were done expertly.

Gas Lines

Early types of the Porsche 914 had battery pack tray positioned over the fuel outlines. Rust or leaking battery pack acid could damage the gasoline outlines and cause a fire. These early designs must have the first gasoline lines replaced with braided stainless outlines and also the battery should regularly be inspected for signs and symptoms of corrosion. Versions made after 1975 moved the battery and fuel pump place.

Front-End Harm

Any vintage car should always be put onto a good start and examined for any accidents or other signs and symptoms of damage. If Porsche 914 was in a front-end accident, the damage to your general frame may impact the vehicle despite repairs.

Maintenance Logs

Because status as an inexpensive classic sports car, numerous Porsche 914s have obtained minimal maintenance or have-been driven by inexperienced or careless motorists. A maintenance wood with carefully kept files of every classic automobile part replacements and fixes can show that car had been very carefully driven and maintained.

Purchasing a Porsche 914 on eBay

To find a Porsche on e-bay, go directly to the e-bay Motors group and choose the vehicles section. After the web page loads, select Porsche 914 due to the fact make and model. Buyers may specify the area of car and design 12 months. Purchasers should research each interesting listing and have any questions about the vehicle problem ahead of bidding. They ought to also comprehend the deposit and repayment circumstances the vendor specifies. A deposit within 72 hours is a very common requirement of old car auction sales, therefore the payment are sent through PayPal. To pay the total amount owed, cash may be sent through PayPal using their business or premier services for amounts over $2, 000. The eBay Financing Center or an independently acquired car loan may also be used to pay the total amount. Any funding required because of the customer must be guaranteed ahead of bidding. Purchasers may safeguarded against misrepresentation or fraudulence for approximately $50, 000 by eBay engines through Vehicle Purchase cover.


The Porsche 914 is an inexpensive vintage vehicle that attracts numerous first-time classic car enthusiasts. Individuals enthusiastic about the Porsche 914 should investigate the overall performance differences and factory options available before buying. They ought to additionally be conscious of universal problem places, to enable them to purchase a vehicle that'll satisfy their particular expectations.

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1970 Porsche 914 for sale in Nationwide, NC 27603 at
1970 Porsche 914 for sale in Nationwide, NC 27603 at ...
1975 Porsche 914 2.0 for sale
1975 Porsche 914 2.0 for sale
1970 Porsche 914-6 for sale
1970 Porsche 914-6 for sale

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