Porsche 944 for Sale Cheap

Porsche 944 for sale cheap

now, An Angry page From A Porsche 944 OwnerEarlier these days, we published an AOTD headlined "Ten Nightmare Cars You Can't Resist" about vehicles we love but, for one explanation or any other, present some ownership difficulties. This number included the Porsche 944, which pissed off Mr. Seven...


I request you eliminate the 944 through the nightmare number regarding basis it's the only car on that number to literally BUY a ROLE FOR NEW FROM DEALER.

We have and have now possessed a few automobiles and lots of 944's. I've had three other vehicles regarding the nightmare number.

I bought my first 944 in 2000. a year after leaving high school. it absolutely was my 3rd vehicle after a 78 blacked out trans are 4sp w ttops (i nonetheless own) and a 81 Volvo 242 turbo factory rally automobile (used to be my mothers). That 242 rally automobile was UNDOUBTEDLY much more unreliable versus 944s

I STILL have that 944. With over half a million miles in the framework it offers maybe not a single area of cancer despite becoming a regular hooned automobile.

i presently own 2 turbos (together with n/a). having been though every fan and bolt inside cars i can honestly say there is absolutely no safer or maybe more dependable automobile i have ever before had.

my 944's tend to be as reliable due to the fact time devices additionally the DME relay (keep an extra when you look at the glove package)

in reality, a lot of the components regarding the car are employed on vw's ie my 94 passat vr6 stocks link rods along with it.

parts are CHEAP... CHEAP! (conserve for a few select items (mahle pistons) and components bought from a supplier)

they have been simple to work with also!

so what you gotta pull the trans out from the butt regarding the car doing the clutch

automobiles i've owned and labored on:
78 trans was
81 Volvo 242
86 944
79 coupe deville
84 regal t-type
NIX #38_
2 86 951s one white one black
2 95 civics
1998 saturn sc2
2001 civic
1994 passat VR6 GLX

and then there is the menu of cars we have handled that is another matter completely as I ended up being an expert auto mechanic and car restorer during my 8 years of college. (I'm a mechanical professional btw_)

PLEASE JALOPNIK, reveal the 944 more love or I'm gonna stop giving your links to my buddies

Source: jalopnik.com
1985 Porsche 944 for sale in WESTERVILLE, OH
1985 Porsche 944 for sale in WESTERVILLE, OH
Motodrome Porsche 944 guards red for sale walkaround
Motodrome Porsche 944 guards red for sale walkaround
Porsche 944 lux for sale in action
Porsche 944 lux for sale in action

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