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Porsche Design P'8478 sunglasses“If you study the big event of an object, its type usually becomes obvious”-Porsche Design

The Porsche Design Studio was created in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson regarding the Porsche founder and designer of famed Porsche 911. The Studio is becoming world renowned for creating an array of innovative deluxe products with immaculate design, high tech technology, and made through the absolute highest quality products that most abide by the same clear functionality of type.

Porsche Design is in charge of some of the most iconic sunglasses ever made, seen on a who’s whom list from the rich and famous into the infamous through the 1970’s and 80’s.
To Cover tribute into many innovative designs inside their history Porsche Design Eyewear features released their particular “History Collection”.

The brand new collection re-issues the highest of their sunglasses but revamps them for the twenty-first century. The exact same iconic styles that went out of manufacturing years back tend to be right back with a significant improvement in materials including awesome light-weight and strong, anti-corrosive titanium, as well as light-weight shatter proof polycarbonate lenses right back covered with a multi-layered premium anti-reflective finish.

The History Collection:

Model P’8478:
The Porsche Design P’8478 Aviator sunglasses were initially Launched in 1978, generally “the exclusive” or “Exklusivbrille” (unique cups). These Porsche aviators tend to be the most popular and easily recognizable glasses available, and also been a symbol of wealth and prestige ever since their beginning. The P’8478, is sold with 2 units of lenses being quickly switched in and out in moments. One ready with a flash mirror one other solid.
The frame is made with ulta-light ultra-strong Titanium and functions unbreakable polycarbonate lenses being straight back covered with a multilayer anti-reflective layer.

Porsche Design P’8478 Sunglasses Featured Above in Color:

Porsche Design P'8480 SunglassesAlso for sale in:

Model P’8480:
The Porsche Design P’8480 ended up being a groundbreaking piece when it was released in 1980. The amazing system enables it to quickly fold to a mere 6×6 cm. They nonetheless have the first real leather pouch.
The frame is now made with ulta-light ultra-strong Titanium and functions unbreakable polycarbonate lenses which can be back coated with a multilayer anti-reflective finish.

Porsche Design P’8480 Sunglasses Featured Above in Colors:

Also obtainable in:

Model P’8433:
Less tear dropped nor because big or strong whilst the P’8478. The Porsche Design P’8433 glasses tend to be a contemporary well-fitting aviator. Each pair includes 2 sets of contacts which are easily switched inside and outside. One ready with a flash mirror the other solid.

The frame is made from high-quality stainless-steel and functions lightweight unbreakable polycarbonate contacts which can be back covered with a multilayer anti-reflective coating.

Porsche Design P’8433 Sunglasses Featured Above in Colors:

Model P’8510:
The Porsche Design P’8510 is a sharp remarkably crafted unisex aviator that suits men and women well. The frame is made of high quality stainless-steel and contains extremely light unbreakable polycarbonate lenses which are straight back covered with a multi layered advanced anti-reflective layer. Not merely well-made however they are also distinctively stylish with their unique connection.

porsche design shoulder messenger bag p2
porsche design shoulder messenger bag p2000
Porsche Design Bag - Handle
Porsche Design Bag - Handle

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