2015 Porsche Macan SUV Design

New Porsche SUV Macan


If you are thinking about a Porsche SUV, you now have actually two designs to choose from: the Cayenne, that has been a mainstay inside Porsche lineup since its initial first in 2003, and all-new 2015 Porsche Macan, which just recently went on purchase. Enthusiasts will keep in mind that Porsche's two crossovers offer comparable styling, sizing and equipment - so what exactly means they are different? And more importantly, what type should you get? That will help you answer those questions, we have rounded up most of the key differences when considering the Porsche Cayenne and the Porsche Macan here.


Externally, there is no doubt your Cayenne while the Macan share the exact same DNA. Both crossovers provide smooth, curved lines, similar pages along with other similarities, eg headlight and taillight form, mirror shape, tailgate design and similar general stances. But there are a few differences, too. Most notably, the Macan has an even more sloped roofline in straight back - a reference to its sportier demeanor, when compared to Cayenne's much more useful design. The Macan can be smaller, although which will not be straight away apparent once you observe either crossover alone, it becomes clear the moment you see them parked close to the other person.


Although front seat room is about exactly the same between your Macan and the Cayenne, the Cayenne certainly provides more space in back - both the feet and also for the mind. For interior planning, both Macan and the Cayenne offer an identical appearance, with comparable switchgear, identical placement of numerous buttons and controls and a shared gauge cluster. There are a few variations - the apparatus levers, for example, therefore the Macan's decreased center grab manages - but generally, any driver who's already acquainted with the Cayenne has no difficulty getting acclimated towards Macan, and vice versa.


The Macan and Cayenne utilize nearly totally various engines. Base-level variations associated with the Macan, dubbed the Macan S, usage a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 which makes 340 horsepower. That engine is not offered in any Cayenne design. High-performance Macan Turbo models utilize an extraordinary 400-hp 3.6-liter turbocharged V6, which is distributed to the Cayenne S (in which it generates 420 hp) and the Cayenne GTS (where it will make 440 hp).

Although the Macan only offers those two powertrains, the Cayenne also provides several others. There's a 3.0-liter turbodiesel version, that is installed into the Cayenne Diesel and touts 240 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. There is a plug-in hybrid design dubbed the Cayenne S E-Hybrid that gives a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 and 416 hp, and a 520-hp Cayenne Turbo, which utilizes a turbocharged 4.8-liter V8.

Put another way, the Macan offers less than the Cayenne, both in terms of hp and readily available engine choices. There isn't any Macan with a hybrid engine, diesel engine or V8 - which are available because of the Cayenne. The Macan does, but have one trump card: It utilizes Porsche's lightning-quick PDK transmission, while the Cayenne is still saddled because of the smoother, but slowly, Tiptronic automatic.

Properties & Technology

Both Macan as well as the Cayenne come with a wide array of gear, and neither holds any significant benefits within the various other. Possibly the only improvement is the fact that the Macan provides a dynamic lane-keep assist feature, although the Cayenne just offers lane-departure caution, which will be due to the fact that the Macan's design is basically newer. Other features are nearly totally provided, including the offered 7-inch touchscreen, front and back parking detectors, ventilated seats, a Wi-Fi spot, a Burmester audio system, a panoramic sunroof and much more.

Consequently, just because the Cayenne is larger plus expensive, you should not anticipate it available anymore functions versus Macan. Both Porsche crossovers appear to have huge variations with regards to impressive listings of options and standard functions.

Operating Knowledge

After just a few minutes behind the wheel, it's easy to inform your Macan is sportier than its Cayenne stablemate. It grips much more, it manages much better, and there's less body roll in turns, which are outcomes of its smaller dimensions. The Macan also provides visibly faster changes following its PDK transmission, when compared to Cayenne's significantly lazy Tiptronic. With that in mind, these two crossovers are far more enjoyable than simply about other things on the road, but we think it is the Macan that specially sticks out regarding operating enjoyment and pleasure.

For the occasions when you are not seeking to have a great time when driving, we believe the Cayenne provides some slight improvements on the Macan. Ride high quality is all about the exact same, however the Cayenne touts more presence, which is most likely because bigger ride height and its own more upright buttocks. The Cayenne's Tiptronic transmission normally some smoother versus Macan's PDK for daily driving, therefore enables the Cayenne to tow significantly more than its baby sibling, too. Eventually, the Cayenne offers a little more area inside straight back - both in the rear seats plus the cargo area. Although it's not more room, the Cayenne might boast just enough extra area to convince shoppers contemplating a household car to decide on it over a Macan.


Due to low production amount, neither the Cayenne nor the Macan have been crash-tested by the federal government's National Highway visitors Safety Administration (NHTSA). The crossovers also providen't been tested by the nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway security (IIHS), but provided their particular durable construction and wide array of safety functions, our guess is both crossovers would endure pretty much in any sort of accident.

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