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Thinking about parting techniques with my transformation...bought it back 2012 and gradually converted it over after some duration. But we recently had our first son or daughter and sadly this car isn't actually infant safe, plus babies are very pricey! You-know-what they reduction is your gain

You can check on my blog at for some history of the create, but it is extremely obsolete. We'll add some present photos within thread. The following is a list of all expenses from build (just put this collectively, did not actually keep a running total), i am seeking to get back around one half at $15k.

Since converting, the car happens to be driven not as much as 100 kilometers (drives great!). Speedometer and tachometer work, and I built a tiny circuit therefore the boost gauge shows the engine amps. The car is located in Charleston, SC (technically Goose Creek, but most folks haven't heard about that).

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo - $3700 ($5k - $1300 I got from engine sale)
Warp11 engine (H60 split top brushes) - $2925 from Mike at EV-Propulsion
Engine Mount (ring clamp) - $127 from Electrical Car Parts Company
EVnetics Soliton 1 - $2800 from Mike at EV-Propulsion
Controller Mount - $200 from local store
Soliton Throttle - $145 from Mike at EV-Propulsion
Tachometer Sensor - $100 from Recharge Car
Coupler - $360 from Charlie at EV Coupler Connection
Adaptor Plate - $320 from Yabert with this discussion board
Energy Steering rack rebuild system, different bushings/boots - $300 from Pelican Parts
Rebuilt front suspension - $930 from Paragon
64 CALB CA 100 battery packs (60 put in, 4 "bad", bottom balanced) - $8168 $122 per cellular and $360 delivery) from Don Blazer
12 CALB CA 100 electric batteries (perhaps not put in, never ever made use of) - $1387 from Ryan on this discussion board
MES 70/6E Electric Vacuum Pump - $293 from Metric Mind
JLD 404 Intelligent AH Meter and Chennic 400 Watt Isolated 12v DC-DC Converter - $423 from EVTV
Fuse for heater, Fuse for primary pack, shunt, battery pack connections, etc - $963 from EVTV
Brusa NLG513-U1-O1l Charger (with cables) - $1995 from EVTV
Power Box (front side) - $130 from regional shop
Power package (backside) - $250 from neighborhood store
MES RM4 Heater/Pump - $308 from Metric notice
Electrical power Steering Pump (from Toyota MR2 Spyder) - $370 from junk garden
Custom Cables for energy steering pump - ?
1/0 and 2/0 cabling/connectors - $327 from Wesbell
Repair Switch, energy coach club, 500A contactor - $398 from EVTV
Modular EV Energy AVC2 - ?
Countless other different Porsche components - ?

Below We have not installed in-car...
70A J1772 Charge Cable/Plug (maybe not put in) - ?
J1772 Billet Aluminm Charge Port/Outlet (not put in) - $206 from EVTV
GE Wattstation - $800
PowerLab 6 Battery Workstation - $250 from REVO USA
Four Range Digital Control Voltmeter (perhaps not set up) - $110 from EVTV
500A Contactor - $200 from EVTV
Inertia turn - $130 from EVTV

Total expense - $28, 615...does not add any work and I also'm sure I missed LOTS of little things that accumulate!

Porsche 944 at Kalmar Flygplats
Porsche 944 at Kalmar Flygplats
Porsche 944 Randomly dying
Porsche 944 Randomly dying
Porsche 944
Porsche 944

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