Porsche 944 Performance Chips

Lindsey Racing has teamed with maximum's Russell Berry to create the finest processor chip units for the 944 Turbo, 944, 944S, 944S2 and 968. Together, we've further advanced their chip units by-doing dyno and real world testing.


It's not enough produce the potato chips and assess the overall performance on the dyno. We get further than that. Further than anyone else does. From there, we do "real globe" testing and last modification. The thing is... the automobile does not work exactly the same on dyno because does regarding the street or track. The running is just too different involving the two. Therefore we have actually up to speed information logging capacity to measure A/F Ratio, MAF Voltage, TPS, RPM, Vac/Boost, Ignition Timing, Acceleration, Exhaust Pressure and Injector Duty Cycle. We could optimize the potato chips beyond anything that can be carried out regarding dyno because we are able to seek out and locate those places that don't appear truth be told there. Since you cannot drive or race your car or truck on the dyno, we are yes you are able to appreciate and reap the benefits of that fact.

These exact same chip sets are actually supplied with all Lindsey Racing overall performance plans including our 278 or 340 RWHP kits or bigger custom tailored kits. These potato chips whenever used with our kits took practically all the tuning out of the equation. Kits using our Mafterburner or Power Perfect gas controller will simply require good tuning. Simply because there are mechanical differences when considering one engine and another, electric distinctions such as for instance MAF meter calibration and variations in real injector circulation that may probably make good tuning required.

Below the thing is a dyno-jet dyno chart from a 1989 Turbo S creating 278 RWHP and a phenomenal 339.3 Ft. Pounds. of torque at 20psi of boost with 93/94 octane pump gas.

Similar chip put made 275.2 RWHP and an extremely impressive 304 Ft. Pounds. of torque at 15.5 psi of boost on a single fuel. You could use a smaller octane as of this amount.

Modifications on the automobile was limited to a 3" fatigue, a Lindsey Racing Boost Enhancer, and a shimmed wastegate.

When we added a 4" exhaust and Dual Port Wastegate, the overall performance had been increased producing 304 RWHP and 345 Ft. Lbs of Torque.

944S2 CHIP

The 944S2MAX processor chip is made to enhance your operating experience. Considered are qualities associated with 3.0L 16 Valve motor and motorist feedback, alongside Dyno evaluation to produce a significantly better energy band and smoother performance. From idle to complete throttle this chip provides obviously much better performance above stock chips with the average energy gain of 8-10RWHP.


The new 944SMAX processor chip is designed to boost your driving knowledge. We now have factored the attributes of 2.5L 16 Valve motor and driver feedback, along with Dyno examination to produce a much better energy band and smoother performance. From idle to complete throttle this chip provides plainly better overall performance above stock potato chips with the average gain of 4-6RWHP.

The chart reveals the stock processor chip versus the LR/944SMAX processor chip.

On dyno we gained 5HP over stock, but you can quickly observe that the torque curve will come in 100 RPM sooner and 2Lbs greater at 3500-4000 rpm, and holds once more 4Lbs greater at over 200 rpm sooner from 4000 rpm to peak at 4500 rpm, 200 rpm before stock peak. After that the torque bend holds 4-6Lbs over stock entirely to redline. The run would be to 6500 rpm but this chart just reveals to 6050 for some reason, you could see because the HP and TQ outlines are making the chart these are generally spreading also further from stock to redline. You'll have 5-6Lbs. of torque over stock to redline. This car does not run-out of vapor.

944 '85/2-'88 CHIP

This suits the 944 8v 2.5L engine based in the '85/2 and soon after 944 in addition to '87-'88 924S.

The following is a chart from a totally stock 1987 944NA 2.5L 8v. The Red/Blue lines tend to be stock, the black colored and green our 944 maximum chip. The chart reveals a peak gain of 7RWHP, but note the TQ from 4400 to 6000 RPM. In this region the thing is that as much as 12RWHP over stock. This additional illustrates peak figures are not everything, location beneath the bend is really what it really is about.

944 89 2.7L

Now available and delivery!
Chipping a Porsche the old fashioned way
Chipping a Porsche the old fashioned way
Porsche 944 Project / Vol. 3 - Performance Chip
Porsche 944 Project / Vol. 3 - Performance Chip

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