#2 Porsche 944 Racing Seats

Porsche 944 Racing Seats

TowerMost track junkies located in the Mid-atlantic Region most likely curently have heard there's a brand new track almost completed and it is set-to open quickly. Dominion Raceway Park is conveniently located quickly Interstate 95 in Thornburg VA. For those of you that do perhaps not are now living in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Thornburg is south of Fredericksburg, on the stretch of I-95 between Washington D.C. and Richmond.

Building is moving appropriate along. The street training course and egg-shaped tend to be paved. The building that house battle control, the restaurant, locker spaces, in addition to hospitality area is up and glass and inside moving in. The street training course is paved together with crews were taking care of the runoff areas, tire walls, also track security elements. The oval was available for business this month for just two rehearse days for belated designs, sportsman course automobiles, on down seriously to U-cars and Bandoleros. The bleachers are in within the control building, together with framing the catch fence is up.

I visited Dominion final weekend to see the action on the oval and get a review of the facility. It’s shaping up to be a premier notch motorsports complex as well as the building crews were difficult in the office while there was action regarding the oval track because they had been holding an open training. Vehicles sought out on track according to class. I was really impressed seeing the kids rushing the Bandoleros. Speaking with a few of the dads who have been providing as staff owner, main mechanic, and team i came across that most of these small dudes had been under ten years old and had started in karts at 4-7 yrs . old. Impressive to say the least.

Band 3Seeing most of the operate in development demonstrates the track administration is spending so much time to get Dominion Raceway Park up and running sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to do an event here, and I also would love to simply take a crack in the egg-shaped at some time. Recently it's back into Summit aim for 3 times with PCA Potomac. See you on track.

SIMPLY UPDATED!! GF3 & GF1 Open Face Helmets in stock throughout sizes!

Snell-Update many years are generally one of many busiest for all of us as everyone is pushing and pushing to get the newest rating to enable them to make use of the exact same helmet for the following 10+ many years. Although we typically don’t acknowledge this tactic for reasons of private health, we do admire the necessity for the latest score and plan far adequate forward to make sure we’re stocked and ready to opt for the growing season. At least that’s what we’ve done any other Snell-update year.

As you’ve probably heard at this point, it’s really, very difficult getting a your hands on an SA2015 helmet today. The biggest problem in 2010 is Bell production delays. Not to blame them for several for the ills around the globe, but we usually rely on them to keep us stocked for Snell-Update year. We’ve played this game for enough time understand that many other producers aren't prepared send when the brand new rating drops, and usually just take their particular time releasing brand new helmets. Bell also occurs to quickly account for over 1 / 2 of our total helmet sales. They've the broadest offerings, best budget-priced helmets, and are apt to have many universal-fit.

Band 2unfortuitously, this means that people now have a delay record for SA2015 Bell helmets numbering near triple-digits. Therefore does not appear to be it is gonna get much better. Right now, Bell is anxiously trying to fulfill production demands in their brand new factory in Bahrain. Helmets are increasingly being air-shipped once they move from the manufacturing range; but because the backlog is so great, it probably won’t be until this summer until we a comfortable stock to work with. OG-Racing did get our pre-season order in extremely early last year, which grants us a first-in-line condition on almost everything. Naturally which also ensures that we sold-out of a few of our initial deliveries from just last year already – for those who have a helmet, congratulations on planning ahead!

If you’re looking to get an SA2015 helmet for the first Spring event, and it’s rented out already, it’s safe to say it’s likely to be a gamble on getting hired in time. The good news is, most groups know about these delays and generally are allowing the application of SA2005 helmets through year. If you’re new into game and don’t have actually an SA2005 helmet, you should consider looking into an SA2010 (which we continue to have lots of really nice deals on); settling on a model you don’t really would like which in-stock (see below); or renting a helmet (yes, we rent helmets – contact us).

To help make things a tad bit more transparent, I’m detailing out that which we have actually below. You’ll notice many models are missing from the list – that is because we don’t ask them to and don’t understand when they’ll be here. Including, probably the most sought after helmets, for instance the M.8 and GT.5 Touring, were initially promised by Bell in February (which includes come and gone). As a deadline passes, the greatest estimate I am able to offer could be the following month – April in this situation. Or pass by the saying we use within the Motorsports business: it’ll be available when it shows up when you look at the warehouse.

band 6Note: the knowledge below can alter every day, and I’ll do my far better keep things updated. So if you see something that you wish, I would suggest buying asap. Our website utilizes a live inventory. If you notice a backorder message (just click here for details), this means someone else got to it very first.

Bell Helmets:

Recreation: X-Large Only
Sport Edge: Small Only Sold-out
Sport EV: Small/White Only Rented Out Already
Sport Mag Open-face: Small-XL Available in White. Other colors are restricted.

BR.1: Moderate & X-Large Available
K1 Pro: Moderate & X-Large Available
Vador: All sizes, and most colors offered

RS7: 7-1/4 and up obtainable in White, regarding 7-3/8
RS7-Carbon: Some sizes offered. 7-5/8 Readily Available
Dominator.2: All sizes, and a lot of colors available

: Simpson has definitely been the essential reliable for SA2015 helmets to date. The spending plan priced Voyager.2 helmet remains in manufacturing, but we usually have good stock regarding designs we carry (go through the website link above to see these). We’re dealing with Simpson to determine what other designs are currently readily available, and will release those offerings online even as we read about all of them. For the present time, the models on our site are generally speaking in-stock.

GF3 & GF1 Open Face Helmets in stock throughout sizes, but not all colors.

Arai Helmets: Our stock is spotty on these. May seem like as soon as you're purchased, it can take 2-3 months to obtain a different one in. Pre-ordering should always be pretty safe now, but will likely still just take a couple weeks if not at this time in-stock.

HJC Helmets: HJC is not thinking about releasing an SA2015 ranked helmet until 2017 (next year) at the very first.

Sparco Helmets: Sparco isn't considering releasing an SA2015 helmet until late Summer at the first.

Band on track late model 1 late model 2 Late model 25
Source: www.ogracing.com
Larry Tech Racing ChumpCar Porsche 944 Dyno Pull
Larry Tech Racing ChumpCar Porsche 944 Dyno Pull
Revline Racing RR400 (Porsche 944 Turbo S) - 2005
Revline Racing RR400 (Porsche 944 Turbo S) - 2005
Porsche 944 Turbo 19psi Dyno WhitField Racing 342RWHP
Porsche 944 Turbo 19psi Dyno WhitField Racing 342RWHP ...

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