Porsche 944 idle control valve

Idle Control Motor (Idle Stabilizer) Replacement

By Terry and Donald Burnett


Various Other Procedures Needed


  1. 1985.5 and later 944's and all 944 Turbos use a DME-controlled, electrically managed bypass device called the idle operator to modify idle rate. Early 944's and 944S/S2's made use of differing idle control systems. This procedure is applicable simply to 1985.5+ 944's and 944 Turbos.
  2. Once the title reveals, the idle operator regulates the idle speed associated with the engine in some instances once the motor is cool or has actually air-conditioning and alternator loads put on it. It does this by allowing metered air into the intake manifold to accelerate the idle. Occasionally it might probably hunt somewhat when it kicks in. Its managed because of the engine computer system (DME) as soon as the Throttle Position change (TPS) shows your throttle valve is in the idle (closed) place. Idle rate regulation issues may for that reason be brought on by: machine leakages; a missing or incorrectly modified idle speed set-screw on the throttle human body; a sticking throttle plate, or; a defective or improperly-adjusted TPS.
  3. As soon as the idle operator is defective, the idle speed may fall once the engine is cool or under load at idle, causing sluggish idle speeds or stalling. It might probably additionally develop an air drip and permit unmetered air to the manifold, causing an erratic idle and a sucking noise. A classic time means of finding vacuum leaks should very carefully spray beginning substance where in fact the drip is suspected. The RPM's will momentarily pick-up as the Ether is sucked in and burnt. Be warned that starting fluid (Ether) is extremely combustible and that can be volatile, therefore use with care. Sometimes the wiring are damaged or shorted near the connect at the back of the idle operator, and/or connect features dropped off. Examine it very carefully whenever diagnosing the issue.
  4. The author is basing this article regarding the replacement in a 1987 951. Other many years may vary a little, but total they will be similar. In this car the Timing Valve plus the Vacuum Manifold were eliminated and a manual boost controller is put in. Because of this the images can look distinct from a stock motor, nevertheless the procedure could be the same.
  5. These vehicles are becoming old and thus numerous rubber items would be needs to fail. Using intake manifold down, many officially inaccessible parts will now be easy to see and replace. This is the time to very carefully inspect all hoses along with other hidden components and to change all of them on time as opposed to to ignore them hoping for the very best. It's not uncommon for an owner to create a decision to change all hoses, both water as well as other, without ask them to start to fail piecemeal. Very carefully assessment, whilst intake manifold is off may help push away unforeseen piece dinner fixes later on. As block are going to be revealed, you might find those lacking nuts and bolts from before. Take some time to clean this area additionally.
  6. With parts at hand this action can be done in 2 hours. Intend on changing the plastic mounts (2) as these are damaged. Some individuals have replaced the idle controller without the removal of the intake manifold by shearing from the plastic supports and sliding the operator away. The latest controller would simply float, held set up because of the plastic hoses. That way is a challenge as much things will get in the manner and clamps is almost certainly not accessible.

Idle Controller Substitution

  1. Using the consumption manifold off, loosen the 13mm bolt clamping the idle controller toward mount.
  2. Loosen and remove the hose from the consumption boot at the (Left Side Hose) controller.
  3. Unplug the electrical connector.
  4. Take away the operator by sliding away from its bracket using various other hose pipe still affixed. NOTE

    In the event that rubberized mounts are broken, the controller and also the bracket comes out as you. Get rid of the base area of the damaged plastic mounting bolts through the block and install the latest ones. Take away the broken rubber mounting bolts from mounting bracket.

  5. Very carefully mark the connected hose in a way whenever you install it, it is possible to put it on in the same orientation. Install this hose in the brand new operator. Pay attention to the arrow tagging flow way and be sure never to reverse the operator.
  6. Install the operator into the bracket while putting the second hose pipe straight back on. Fasten hose clamps and tighten controller bracket bolt. If replacing rubber mounts, destination controller bracket on the rubberized supports and tighten up peanuts.
  7. Attach electrical connector.
  8. Install intake manifold (FUEL-09).
  9. Install gas train (FUEL-02).
  10. Connect battery and start. Check for leaks.
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