A nice turbo in a rare colour

1982 Porsche 924 Turbo

Porsche 924 Le Mans (1980 – Restricted Edition)

The first design used an Audi-sourced four-speed handbook transmission from a front wheel drive automobile the good news is placed and utilized as a back transaxle. It had been mated to VW's EA831 2.0 L I4 motor, subsequently utilized in the Audi 100 and Volkswagen LT van (typical belief is the fact that 'the motor originated in the LT van', nonetheless it first appeared in the Audi vehicle plus in 924 form has actually a Porsche-designed cylinder mind). The Audi motor, designed with a Weber/Holley carburetor, had been optional into the 1977-1979 AMC Gremlin, Concord, and Spirit. The 924 motor made use of Bosch K-Jetronic gas injection, creating 95 horse power (71 kW) in us trim. This was brought up to 110 horsepower (82 kW) in mid-1977 with all the introduction of a catalytic converter, which paid off the necessity for power-robbing smog equipment. The four-speed manual was the sole transmission designed for the first 1976 model, later it was changed by a five-speed dog-leg unit. An Audi three-speed automated ended up being provided starting with the 1977.5 design. In 1980 the five-speed transmission ended up being altered to a regular H-pattern, with reverse today regarding right beneath fifth gear.

In 1980, the model received some minor fettling including a three-way catalyst and somewhat greater compression, which brought switch on to 115 hp (86 kW). Nonetheless, the strong Deutschemark and United States inflation severely hampered product sales, as a well prepared 924 now effortlessly might cost double the amount given that considerably more powerful Nissan 280ZX.

European models, which would not require any emissions equipment, made 125 hp (93 kW). In addition they differed visually through the US spec design by devoid of the usa automobiles' low-speed impact bumpers additionally the round reflectors plus side-marker lights for each end of human anatomy.

The 924 had been offered in Japan at Yanase dealerships that specialize in united states and European vehicles, with right hand drive because of its entire generation. Sales were helped by the undeniable fact that it absolutely was in conformity with Japanese Government dimension laws with regards to its engine displacement and external dimensions.

A five-speed transmission, for sale in typically aspirated cars (type 016) starting in 1979 and standard on all turbos (kind G31), was a dog-leg move structure Porsche device, with first equipment below reverse from the remaining part. This was robust, but expensive because of some 915 internal components, and ended up being replaced for 1980 with a standard H-pattern Audi five-speed on all non-turbo automobiles. This lighter duty design ended up being originally maybe not applied to the greater powerful 924 Turbo. The brake system had been solid disks in front and drums within rear. The automobile was criticized in magazine because of this braking arrangement, that has been viewed as a step backward from the 914's standard four-wheel disc brakes. However, four-wheel disc brake system, five stud hubs and alloys from the 924 Turbo were on the bottom 924 as an "S" package starting with the 1980 model 12 months. Also, standard brakes might be optioned on turbo as a cost-saving measure.

The general styling was made by Dutchman damage Lagaay, an associate of Porsche styling team, because of the foldable headlights, sloping bonnet line and grille-less nostrils giving the car its well-known wedge form. The automobile proceeded purchase in the united states in July 1976 as a 1977 model with a base price of $9, 395. Porsche made tiny improvements to the 924 each design year between 1977 and 1985, but absolutely nothing major ended up being changed on non-turbo cars. Turbo charged variants obtained lots of, non-VW sourced components, throughout the drive train, when optioned with all the M471 disc braking system bundle and forged 16" rims, the automobile ended up being twice as expensive as a regular model. Its appearance is credited given that determination for second generation Mazda RX-7.

J. Pasha, composing in mag, during the time, described the 924 as "ideal managing Porsche in stock form".

While the vehicle had been praised for the styling, dealing with, fuel economic climate, and dependability, it had been harshly written up within the automotive press because of its very poor performance, specifically with all the United States spec vehicles. With just 95-110 hp, quick speed was simply not an option, but the Porsche name carried along with it greater objectives. Once the 924 turbo designs arrived on the scene, automobile and Driver mag proclaimed the vehicle "Fast...at Last!" The subsequent 924S had overall performance on par with the turbo, but with much enhanced dependability, and at less price. The '81 and '82 Turbos plus the connected unique alternatives are garnering desire for enthusiast circles; although numerous still exist, exceptional samples of the cars can be scarce at the time of 2015.


Model Year Manufacturing Sleep of World USA Japan
1976 5145 5144 1120
1977 25596 * 17675 7496 425
1978 21562 9474 11638 450
1979 20619 10475 9636 508
1980 12794 † 9094 3700
1981 11824 ‡ 9669 2155
1982 10091 7814 2277
1983 5785
1984 4659
1985 3214
Total 121289 83004 36902 1383

* includes 3000 special edition "Martini" cars
† includes 1002 unique edition "Le Mans" vehicles
‡ includes 1015 unique version "50 Jahre Porsche/Weissach" vehicles.

924 Turbo (931 LHD, 932 RHD)[edit]

1979 † 932 150 50
5243 1632 3440
3312 1783 1529 *
1819 876 943
310 ^ 310
11616 3875 5895

* sum total of cars brought into US and Japan
† For 12 months 1979 porsche 924 turbo. Not enough if all of them got made and because of the age the car they became very very unusual. At 2009 there were just significantly less than 10 right-hand drive 1979 porsche 924 turbo S1 reported world wide.

^ vehicles brought just into Italy

924 Carrera GT (937/938)[edit]

Germany UK Records
406 200 75 131 includes prototypes

924S (946 LHD, 947 RHD)[edit]

1986 3536
1987 8940 1993 6947
1988 4193 2003

There was clearly additionally a sport package the 924S, designed for the ROW and U.S. market for which manufacturing data is reported below.

Source: en.wikipedia.org
Porsche 924 turbo 931 acceleration
Porsche 924 turbo 931 acceleration
Porsche 924 turbo 1981
Porsche 924 turbo 1981
1982 porsche turbo 013.mov
1982 porsche turbo 013.mov

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