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  • 45, 610 Mileage:
  • 187 Top Speed:
  • 1998 Year:
  • 3.9 0 - 60:
  • year MOT Expiry:
  • 450 BHP:
  • SORN Taxation Expiry:
  • 6 Speed Handbook Transmission:
  • Basalt Black Exterior Colour:
  • 3596cc motor capability:
  • Ebony Leather Internal Colour:
  • Flat 6 System Configuration:


The Porsche 993, launched in 1993, was the newest form of the German company’s classic 911, which extends right returning to 1964. It's considered by many followers to be the final of this ‘classic’ 911s, and had been the ultimate 911 become fitted with an air-cooled motor.

In 1995, a Turbo model was launched, the initial Porsche 911 Turbo with permanent four-wheel-drive in addition to very first standard production 911 with double turbochargers. The 3.6 litre motor had larger intercoolers, an electronic administration system and redesigned cylinder minds. Back brake disks had a heightened diameter when compared to standard Carrera.

Bodywork additionally differed through the Carrera in several methods – wings were widened forward and rear, the front spoiler was redesigned for better aerodynamics, and there clearly was a unique fixed back spoiler. 18-inch alloy tires with hollow spokes to reduce body weight had been fitted as standard.

Through the second into a year ago of production of the 993 (1997), Porsche provided the 993 Turbo S. Ultimately just 183 vehicles had been offered. The Turbo S is a high-spec Turbo including an electric upgrade to 450 hp. The 993 Turbo S is acknowledged by yellow brake calipers, a somewhat larger rear wing, a 4-pipe exhaust and air scoops behind the doors. This is the past regarding the air-cooled Turbos.


Special Edition Turbo S, Heated Electrical front side seating, advanced level brake light, Electric Sunroof, back wiper, Sounds Package, Passenger Airbag, Electrical Microsoft windows, energy Steering, White Fog Lights, Onboard Computer, back seating, Sports Suspension, Sill guards with lettering, Carbon dash, Carbon tyre, Carbon handbrake amount, Ali/Carbon strut brace, Lockable glove area.

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Supplied brand new in a deep and menacing shade of Basalt Black this unusual Turbo S is in outstanding condition from bonnet as well. It’s wide arches, turbo scoops and twin rear spoiler give away that this is no ordinary 993 Turbo. The paintwork maintains a dazzling lustre with only a sprinkling of stone chips to exhibit because of its reasonable mileage.

In hugely original problem the paintwork echos the remainder exterior with lights, trim and badges all in excellent problem showing minimal wear over its life.


The interior is finished is soft black fabric combined with a big assisting of carbon fibre trim. Open either door and you’re found with a brushed aluminium sill plate using its Turbo S designation proudly on show. The electric difficult back activities seating have been in good shape and offer convenience for cruising but quite as supportive whenever pressing on.

Carbon fibre covers both door cards, a lot of the dash, parts of the steering wheel, gearknob and handbrake lever while neatly surrounded by stitched black fabric where appropriate. The cabin has actually a quintessential manager experience and remains in exemplary condition with just some light scars toward gearknob showing signs and symptoms of use.


The great double turbo power plant compacted to the backside of the 993 is certainly much in hiding beneath its huge Intercooler which dominates the top of engine area. 450hp originates from larger Turbos and a twin fatigue system. With a giant record file documenting regular and thorough maintenance its not surprising this example operates and pushes as effective as it seems.


The 18 inch hollow talked alloy wheels are completed within their correct Turbo S color and conceal design particular yellowish 6 cooking pot brembo calipers. The rims stay static in exceptional condition with no scuff scars.

Tyres tend to be Porsche N ranked Pirelli P Zero Corsa with 4-5mm of tread all-round.


Delivered a new comer to the united kingdom about this uncommon and unique Turbo S happens to be pampered by Porsche main dealers throughout its life.

The history file is filled with recorded invoices showing work carried out within the vehicles life below:

45, 570 kilometers Porsche Centre Wilmslow
45, 221 kilometers Porsche Centre Bristol
43, 360 kilometers Porsche Centre Swindon
41, 067 miles Porsche Centre Swindon
37, 808 kilometers Porsche Centre Swindon
36, 432 miles Porsche Centre Swindon
33, 253 kilometers Porsche Centre Bristol
27, 862 miles Porsche Centre Bristol
30, 170 miles Porsche Centre Bristol
23, 433 miles Merlin Cambria Porsche Cardiff
21, 234 miles Merlin Cambria Porsche Cardiff
18, 840 miles Merlin Cambria Porsche Cardiff
15, 766 kilometers Porsche Centre Wilmslow
7, 644 miles Porsche Centre
1, 576 kilometers Porsche Centre


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For Sale - Porsche 911 993 Turbo Ut-Models WHPOR911993
For Sale - Porsche 911 993 Turbo Ut-Models WHPOR911993
Porsche 993 Turbo S
Porsche 993 Turbo S
1996 Porsche 911 993 Turbo for sale
1996 Porsche 911 993 Turbo for sale

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