PORSCHE 911 Carrera 2

1990 Porsche 964 Cabriolet

CarGurus 1990 Carrera



The 5 speed manual is a great plus, it reminds me of driving the Autostrada of Italy while I run through the gears


The backend has been known to break loose from time to time while shifting through the gears

My Idea Of The Porsche — The 1990 911 964 is my idea of what the Porsche was meant to be. My first matchbox car was the bug eye Porsche. I've always wanted one and in 1995 I purchased this one. I am having the engine rebuilt and an after market AC added to this car so that I can endure the Texas summers. Aside from a few mods, like the AC, the car is completely stock

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

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CarGurus 1990 Carrera Convertible

Low miles; excellent mechanically; new seats; great brakes

Fun Car To Drive — Fun to drive. Great power. Very quick and fast. Shifts very smooth. Brakes are excellent with new pads. Top works perfectly as it was recently adjusted by a local Porsche mechanic in San Antonio. A/C blows cold air. Heater works great.

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CarGurus 1990 Carrera 4 AWD

Looks, performance, 911 spirit

Expensive to fix if something goes south

The 911 To Buy Today — A 911 is always something special, but IMO a 964 today it really a good bet. You can still find good second hand offers with low km. Quality is great and performance definitely better than the 250 hp suggest if associated to today's standards. Still air cooled, and closer to the original shape than later models are. It can be fast (250 km/h on German Autobahn) but also pretty light on the purse as it doesn't drink much more than my A4 2.8, despite the big 3.6 liters boxer engine. Very comfortable on long trips, great sound and a future classic.

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Not exhilarating, ugly

Very Quick, Very Easy To Drive Fast, Very Precise, Very German — Quick, easy to drive, front of steering wheel mounted tiptronic gearbox controls very strange.

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Go-kart on steroids. 'Nuff said.

VERY small (pro and con)

Wow — Amazing. I never thought my dad would actually buy it. Unfortunately, it's a stick and I've yet to learn how to drive standard, but I am learning.

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performance, design, handling

not the most comfortable car for passengers

Loved It — The only reason I didn't buy it was that I didn't feel comfortable driving to client meetings in it. How many client meetings have I driven to since? 0!

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CarGurus 1990 Carrera Targa

solid image real drivers car

3.6 Litres .so Quick — Took to Le mans in 2003 had 175 mph through France and was so steady .had to move out of way for Ferrari 355 though

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Source: www.cargurus.com
1990 Porsche C2 Cabriolet with 55320 original miles
1990 Porsche C2 Cabriolet with 55320 original miles
1990 Porsche 911 Cabriolet for sale with test drive
1990 Porsche 911 Cabriolet for sale with test drive ...
Slalom on the Texas Freeway in a 1990 Porsche 964 C2
Slalom on the Texas Freeway in a 1990 Porsche 964 C2 ...

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