2010 Porsche Cayenne GTS

Porsche Cayenne GTS Specs

Following 2014’s improvement toward Porsche Cayenne here is the new GTS model, the absolute most driver focussed associated with the business’s big SUVs, although everything is relative when we’re talking about a 2110kg SUV.

Much like past Cayenne GTS designs, this new model is based on the normal S design but has been driven down the Turbo design range to get several improvements. These updates feature a Turbo front bumper, Sport Design bodykit (much deeper side sills and larger wheel arch mouldings) and 20-inch RS Spyder alloy tires. The brake system are also taken from the Turbo, this means 390mm discs and six-piston callipers regarding front side, 358mm and four-piston callipers in the back axle.

Inside there’s alcantara a-plenty, including covering the brand new 918 inspired tyre and also the centers associated with the eight-way flexible GTS recreations seats.

Engine, Transmission and 0-60 time

The 3.6-litre twin-turbo V6 motor is taken from the Cayenne S, so when with earlier generations of GTS designs Porsche has actually extracted some extra power and torque as a result. Energy is up 26bhp to 436bhp and torque to 443lb ft (up 63lb ft). As with all Cayenne’s it operates permanent four-wheel drive through an eight-speed Tiptronic S gearbox leading to a 5.2second 0-62mph time (5.1secs in the event that you indicate the optional recreation Chromo package). Top rate is an irrelevant 162mph.

The greatest technical modification is this is basically the very first Cayenne GTS not to ever be fitted with a generally aspirated V8 engine, that engine having been fallen once the Cayenne range ended up being updated in 2014. It means this GTS looses the unique V8 roar which includes entertained many because the GTS was introduced in 2007.

Specialized Features

The Cayenne GTS’s chassis combines conventional metallic springs with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and lowers the ride level 24mm over a Cayenne S. If go with the optional environment suspension that trip height fall is just 20mm.

Despite its sporting pretensions the GTS does not sacrifice any of its off road abilities, utilizing the switchable terrain modes associated with Porsche Traction Management (PTM) retained.

What’s it like to drive?

There is something somewhat unhinged about an two-tonne SUV having the performance of a hot hatch, even though it’s not very evo vehicles such as the GTS have an attraction. The most recent Cayenne GTS puts in a remarkable overall performance on a roadway nevertheless the switch to a turbo-charged engine has robbed is of their personality.

The brand new 3.6-litre V6 twin-turbo is an impressive engine, the turbo’s spooling up quickly and getting rid of any obvious lag. Peak torque arrives at a lowly 1600rpm and remains to you all the way to 5000rpm (peak energy gets to 6000rpm) providing the GTS no problems getting off the line and eating whole lengths of road at an extraordinary price (it seems Golf GTI in a straight range). Nevertheless the loss of the V8 burble and that usually aspirated energy distribution has actually robbed this new GTS of its advantage. Its motor delivers the numbers but with all the personality and soul of a digital watch, compared to the technical made by hand timepiece of this outgoing engine.

The rest of the Cayenne GTS is typical Porsche with impressive human anatomy control and the chassis handles the car’s volume with impressive calmness. Regarding the three framework settings provided through the PASM dampers, Comfort is most beneficial for long motorway miles, Sport for the rest and Sport Plus for the uncommon (if at all) adventure onto a track. As with any SUVs, there’s absolutely nothing you'd phone feel through the steering, although it is light by Porsche requirements it’s nonetheless direct and well-matched to the rate of directional changes the car motivates whenever you’re pushing on.

The Turbo sourced brakes are strong and gives good feel through pedal whenever you’re slowling the GTS during a passionate drive. The iron disks may also be in an easier way to modulate pedal stress than their carbon-ceramic (PCCB) equivalents.


The large SUV market is a congested industry to operate in and competitors arises from all perspectives. BMW’s X5 and X6 models would be the closest competitors on Porsche regarding on roadway characteristics, especially the X6. Number Rover’s existing Sport model is light years ahead of its forerunner but against the Porsche it however seems too heavy and affected by its off-road power to challenge the German on your way. At the center floor is Mercedes M-Class, that has just been superseded by the brand new GLE which goes on sale in September.


The Cayenne GTS costs £72, 523, which can be £11, 678 more than a Cayenne S and £18, 051 significantly less than a Cayenne Turbo. As SUV’s go the GTS is without question our chosen one additionally the example we’d buy.

Nevertheless the Cayenne in general gets on quite now – this present renovation will be based upon the gen2 Cayenne established in 2010, plus that was a lot more of a greatly revised version of the first versus an all-new design – and against its competitors it’s starting to show its age. There is certainly nevertheless nothing can beat it about offering exemplarily off and on overall performance, however if you are able to live with no latter there are better choices.

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