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Porsche 944 Brake Pads

Acrobat Printable Variation Checking Brake Pad Thickness

Since 1984, all 944 models plus the 968 include wear signs. Whenever brake pads tend to be worn to the level the wear indicators get in touch with the rotor, a light are illuminated regarding the dash to indicate your pads need to be replaced. But the wear signs could become damaged and may never be considered 100percent trustworthy for suggesting whenever brake shields ought to be changed. The tires needs to be eliminated to test the brake shields. The brakes should be inspected everytime the tires tend to be rotated. For designs with tires that can not be rotated (in other words. sizes tires forward and rear), the brake system must be inspected every 15, 000 kilometers as the very least. Anytime the wheels tend to be eliminated, it's a good idea to inspect the brakes.

The minimum permitted width when it comes to brakes shields is 2 mm. But Porsche typically recommends replacing the braking system shields at a thickness of 2.5 mm. In the event that brake pads are replaced at 2mm or perhaps the use indicators were triggered, the use indicators must be changed together with the brake pads.

Changing the Brake Pads

Tools Needed

  • Jack Stands
  • 19 mm plug and ratchet/breaker bar (preferably 1/2" drive)
  • Metric wrench set
  • Metric plug set
  • Bailing wire / surprise cords
  • Bearing grease / petroleum ointment or anti-squeal pads
  • Hammer and Flat tip punch (Normally aspirated 944s and 924s only)
  • Big station lock pliers
  • Needle nostrils pliers
  • Lineman's pliers
  • Turkey baster or vacuum cleaner pump kind braking system bleeder (for the removal of brake fluid if reservoir level is simply too high)
  • Rags for cleaning brake system
  • Little pry club or huge flat tip screwdriver
  • Brake piston compressor (optional)
  • Using the 19 mm plug and ratchet or breaker club, loosen the lug nuts (two turns just) in the rims in which braking system pads are going to be replaced.
  • Put the automobile on jack stands.
  • Eliminate the tires when it comes to brake pads become replaced.
  • Remove the old brake pads.

    On 944 / 944S vehicles perform the annotated following:

  • Take away the cotter pins from the braking system pad retaining pins.
  • Get rid of the spring lock (also referred to as the anti-rattle spring) from the brake pad retaining pins.
  • Utilizing a hammer and level tip punch, drive the retaining pins out from the brake shields / calipers.
  • If prepared, get rid of the wear pad signs (wire coming off among brake shields). Be careful the removal of the wear signs while the clips break quickly.


    Since the brake caliper is pushed outward, braking system substance has been force back to the brake reservoir. Keep a detailed eye on brake liquid reservoir level while pressing out caliper to prevent overflowing the reservoir. If degree gets excessive, eliminate a few of the fluid from reservoir utilizing a turkey baster or vacuum pressure pump brake bleeder.

  • Using a large level tip screwdriver or small pry club, hit the movable an element of the brake caliper outward. Don't press contrary to the rotor if at all possible. Pressing resistant to the brake pad is fine as itwill get changed anyway.
  • Utilizing needle nostrils or lineman's pliers, eliminate the internal and external braking system pads.
  • On 944 S2 / 944 Turbo / 968 automobiles perform the annotated following:

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