Sunday Drive: 1990 Porsche 944

Porsche 944 Convertible for sale


  • 51, 708 Mileage:
  • 149 Top Speed:
  • 1990 12 Months:
  • 7.1 0 - 60:
  • Sept 15 MOT Expiry:
  • 211 BHP:
  • SORN Tax Expiry:
  • Manual Transmission:
  • Tahoe Blue Metallic Exterior Colour:
  • 2990cc Engine Capacity:
  • Linen / Aquatic Leatherette Inside Colour:
  • Inline 4 Motor Configuration:


The 944 had been Porsche’s mid range sports car positioned involving the 924 and 911. It makes use of a rear-wheel drive water-cooled 4 cylinder motor mounted at the front associated with the car, the gearbox is installed at backside supplying better body weight distribution which results in one of the best managing vehicles to come from the 80′s.

The aim of the car was to supply a lavish long-distance cruiser as well as a fantastic effective roadway car. Its body was in relation to the 924 Carrera GT, like the 924 it has a sloping glass hatchback supplying a practical baggage storage space. The sunroof was a popular alternative because it ended up being a removable metal panel offering a near Targa like available roadway experience.

The 944 had been introduced for sale in 1982 and ran on for a decade, it came in a choice of a coupe 2+2 human anatomy or a very attractive Cabriolet. There have been a number of models made however it’s the S2 Cabriolet which showcased right here.

The S2′s engine ability grew up to 3-litres making it the greatest 4 cylinder engine worldwide during the time and it offered a remarkable 211bhp and 207lb of torque. It had been Porsche’s official replacement into 220bhp Turbo and uses lots of that car’s chassis components including its stronger trans-axle, drive-shafts, brake system, rims and tyres. It appears to be exactly like a Turbo also – the wrap-around synthetic bumper/spoiler smooths its snout, simple and appealing disc alloys fill its flared arches, and the underneath slung rear wing corporations up its end styling.

Whenever launched it is primary competition originated from the Audi Quattro and Lotus Esprit Turbo, the S2 out accelerated the Quattro in 0-60 and 1/4 mile sprints and was simply a smidgen behind the Esprit but its main trump card ended up being its flexibility; in 4th gear, every 20mph increment from 10-100mph takes significantly less than 7 moments. No turbocharged vehicle of the time could match this consistency nor deliver the type of effortless and definitive development. This smooth energy delivery gives the S2 the throttle susceptibility for a few foreseeable and entertaining cornering.


Electrical Windows, Electrical mirrors, Electrical Convertible Hood, Electrical Front Seats, Leather Upholstery, JVC CD / USB Head Unit.


The 944 consistently thrive through a sustained marriage of both style and compound, especially using this instance resplendent in Tahoe Blue metallic. The paintwork features a delightfully consistent hue throughout, with only a dusting of stone potato chips on lower valance and a tiny touch in to your top of the boot to report. The bonnet, wings and doorways all align as they should, with exceptional panel fit and finish as the bonnet is recently replaced. Trims, rubbers and plastic materials retain exceptional initial integrity with lights free of splits or moisture. With such a colour hardly ever seen on any Porsche, the blue metallic shimmers beautifully under both studio and natural light.


The piped linen leatherette compliments the exterior fantastically well, with dark blue rugs again supplying levels within the cabin to balance the visual. The seating retain exemplary comfort and support having been at the mercy of a complete refurbishment, whilst pleasingly all carpets and gearbox surround are clear of any ugly marks or spots. The new electric hood runs effortlessly and without hassle whilst a more contemporary JVC / USB mind product plays a part in in-car activity.


Motor and drivetrain tend to be in both fine fettle after an abundant history of main representative service record. Ignition is without doubt together with car settles to a reliable idle, with clutch and involvement positive and smooth. Having already been susceptible to an important solution with a brand new timing chain, water pump and cambelt under 1, 000 kilometers ago the automobile is mechanically up to date. Are you aware that engine bay it self, presentation resembles both outside and interior; very clean, extremely tidy along with no signs and symptoms of punishment.


The show 90 wheels tend to be beautiful inside their simpleness with this particular set totally refurbished, unmarked and covered with exemplary Pirelli rubberized at all times. The braking system had an overhaul in 2013 with Porsche Centre Bournemouth, whilst the full alignment in July of last year ensures that the the car seems tight and real.

porsche 944 S2 3 0 for sale walkaround
porsche 944 S2 3 0 for sale walkaround
Porsche 944 Na Auto for sale on ebay
Porsche 944 Na Auto for sale on ebay
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1995 Porsche 911 993 Cabriolet convertible for sale chicago

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