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Porsche 997 Ducktail

New Hardened Lexan Race Glass:
911, 996, 997 and Cayman
Created, cut and anti fog;
40% more difficult than the others available;
Definitely scratch and substance resistant;
The greatest optical quality;
Manufactured to Aircraft Quality standards
2011 997 GT-3 RS back spoiler; brand new redesigned deck lid with full circumference raised top air-intake area. RSR style top wing blade Includes brand new center deck cover. Unique order German import Only $3850.00 FRP

Let me reveal our New 996 Classic Duck end;

Has wiring harness. Matches really.

Price $850.00

Brand New

997 Turbo GT-2 rear spoiler
Deck cover and wing blade;
Post Cured and primered; Fits really;
We supply for 997 Turbo and Carrera;
Only $2000.00

( Save $1500 )

Listed here is an image of 997 GT-2 wing knife for 997 turbo;

Price is $1400.00;

We now have wing knife for 996 and 997 turbo.

The following is our brand-new 996 Turbo GT-2 front side bumper for 996 Turbo and 2002 + 996.
Includes carbon forward lip and grille screens just $1475.00;
Here is the brand new 996 Turbo Aero system front side lip spoiler; suits great; In addition fits C4S, Made of Urethane; Primed and ready to color like factory;
Cost just $550.00
New for 997 Cabriolet;
Aero Carrera rear wing
Includes 3rd braking system light and wiring use
Just $1350.00
New 997 GT-2 Rear Spoiler;
Has third. Brake light; equipment and wiring harness;
Matches great; just $1675.00
New; 997 GT-3 RS back spoiler with carbon fibre wing blade;
Wing base is primered and able to decorate. Has wiring harness, and
equipment; Excellent Quality;
Only $2875.00
Brand new 997 Aero Kit Rear spoiler
Decklid wing are one piece; Like factory
Has wiring harness and equipment;
Exemplary Quality;
Only $1550.00.
The following is our brand new 996 Turbo back bumper for 996;
Matches well; includes grille displays; Only $1150.00
Newer 2003 GT3 Cup II Aero System
Factory Genuine front bumper, part dresses, back wing
Just $5500.00

Factory back Wing and Decklid with wiring use
Just $2875.00

Brand new German specific Replica with wiring harness, fits perfect
Only $1375.00

MAS Trunk Organizer;;

For 996 and Boxster; matches over spare tire; No resources needed; Keeps articles

fron sliding around in trunk area; has 2 fabric CD Wallets; just $119.00

New GT-2 Carbon fiber Wing Blade for 996 Twin Turbo. Very high quality epoxy resin. weighs just 8 pounds. Fits very well; Price just $1450.00

996 GT-2 back Spoiler for 996 Turbo;

Deck lid wing one-piece, specific to factory wing; Includes required equipment; and wiring harness.

Matches perfectly;

Only $2150.00
500 Abo Special! Porsche 911 (997) Sport Classic 1 of 250
500 Abo Special! Porsche 911 (997) Sport Classic 1 of 250 ...
Tuthill Porsche 997 R-GT Ireland Testing
Tuthill Porsche 997 R-GT Ireland Testing
Walk around Porsche 997 turbo
Walk around Porsche 997 turbo

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