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Supercharged 997 C4SPorsche 997 3.6 / 997S 3.8 Supercharger

The VF-Engineering developers go about creating the billet supercharger installing bracket with CAD software generating solid models of components becoming CNC produced. The bracket ended up being built to use OEM bolt habits and needs no alteration or relocation of every motor parts to be fitted. Made of 6061-T6 plane class aluminum the bracket supports to factory machined surface points on the aluminum engine block for a precision fit.

A V3 design Si-Trim Vortech Engineering supercharger device had been selected after consultation with Vortech designers and matching the engine’s volumetric efficiency with supercharger compressor maps. The V3 device contains helical-cut gears for extremely quite overall performance – virtually quiet utilizing the motor area lid shut. The V3 supercharger has actually a 20psi and 1000cfm optimum ability and it is an over-engineered component with this Porsche application that is targeted at create a conservative 6psi when you look at the engine’s intake manifold.

The fastidious design associated with supercharger bracket, opportunities the belt driven supercharger to steadfastly keep up utilization of the OEM spring-loaded gear tensioner. The serpentine buckle routing was made to retain the correct rotation of all the add-ons and keep ideal pulley place for optimum friction.

The Vortech environment to liquid intercooler (fee cooler) was built-into the tight fit engine bay as way of reducing recharged induction (boost) temperatures. Reduced charge conditions promote motor security by decreasing knock and improving the top-notch the combustion period. Air fee (boost) from supercharger is directed through chargecooler core before going into the throttle human body. The cooler core contains separated networks circulating with water from an independent self-contained system cooled by a unique radiator. VF-Engineering incorporated a Porsche OEM front side radiator and front bumper ports to the system. Liquid is circulated in the shape of an added OEM Bosch water pump through OEM Good Year water outlines. Intake atmosphere temperatures in manifold had been measured becoming approx 140 deg F despite ‘spirited’ driving at 118 deg F background temperatures in Arizona desert circumstances mid-Summer. This remarkable fall in charge temperature helps the 997 make constant power. For added security the chargecooler is made to perform constantly whilst the ignition is on.

With all significant elements in position, VF-Engineering set about shaping air ducts from filter to the throttle human body. The intake pipeline is especially tuned for the air flow qualities and pressure-relief system. Production pipelines are produced from a lightweight shaped warm polymer. The thermal insulating properties associated with plastic pipelines prevent temperature transfer to the cooled recharged air taking a trip in the individual.

Engine management software was by published by VF with extensive screening performed on separate test automobiles. Multiple facets such fee atmosphere conditions, ignition time, gas trims, maps and injector performance were taken into consideration. The Carrera 2 and 4 test cars had been thoroughly dynoed in the VF 4WD Mustang and monitored for broad band air fuel ratios at load amounts usually greater than would-be skilled traveling. The outcomes are a growth of 150 horsepower and 90 ft.lbs of completely functional torque.

Application is set to your ECU utilizing the “Hex-Flash” development cable. It is possible to plan your ECU yourself through the OBD2 connector on the dashboard with software delivered to you by mail. This tool also allows you to review and obvious ecu rules.

  • Vortech V3 Si-Trim supercharger
  • Air water charge cooler system
  • Polypropylene water reservoir
  • OEM high density liquid radiator
  • Bosch water pump
  • Bosch EV14 gasoline injectors
  • Bosch bypass valve
  • Tough anodized 6061-T6 aluminum bracket
  • OEM serpentine gear
  • K&N induction filter with atmosphere field
  • Hex Flash ECU tuning programming cable
  • Install time 14-16 hours approx
  • Produced in Ca, United States Of America.


“Just a heads up the vehicle is buttoned up. We drove it these days and wow. You dudes earn some impressive things.”


This system isn't compliant aided by the California Air Resource Board and never for use on community roads in Ca.
This pertains to any aftermarket product that cannot display a CARB EO#. Energy ratings are subject to circumstances and dynomometer design utilized.
Source: vf-engineering.com
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