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The 944 Cup is a grassroots motorsports road racing racing series specialized in leading engine water-cooled Porsche 944. The battle series is made as a standalone show and continues to be managed as such within numerous sanctioning systems. The show ended up being started by the current nationwide Director, Dave Derecola, and his son Chris Derecola, just who consistently own and operate the series. The show currently races primarily in the Porsche Club of The united states underneath the direction of National Director.


Racing in 944 Cup rule set can be done in four different chapters and a National runoff occasion each year. Listed here are really the only at this time recognized formal chapters of this 944 Cup nationwide Series:

  • North
  • Southern
  • Midwest
  • Canada

And providing for Regional Championships, the series held its inaugural National Championship in September 2006 and a subsequent one in yearly following it. The annual occasions encourages all 944 Cup racers to participate for a passing fancy track over the course of 2–3 times to crown a National Champion.

Pirelli World Challenge offers a full battle period of free entries into the champion for the 944 Cup Nationals for every single associated with the two 944 Cup classes. Pirelli World Challenge also provides a half season of free entries for second destination, and another no-cost entry for 3rd place. All totaled the package is valued up to $90, 000 in prizes for the National Championship. More to the point, this offer provides drivers the opportunity to advance one step further of competition with a head start the savings needed inside professional ranks.


The series includes 2 classes: Cup and Super Cup for front-engine water-cooled Porsches such as the various types of the 924S, 944, 944S, 944S2, 951, 951T, as well as the 968. The Cup Class is designed for normally aspirated eight (8) valve front side motor Porsches, apart from the turbo powered 2.0L design (931). The Super Cup Class is designed mostly for greater horse power cars such as the sixteen (16) valve normally aspirated and turbo equipped front motor Porsches.

For every Class, allowed improvements per category of automobile and corresponding minimum weights tend to be explained at length inside rules with a hyperlink offered below. The 944 Cup principles also include by rule all PCA SP1, SP2, SP3, B, C, E and F course front engine Porsches, SCCA ITS 944's, and all sorts of NASA 944 Specs automobiles may also be eligible, alongside many NASA GTS1 and GTS2 automobiles.

Many forward engine Porsches racing in PCA, SCCA and NASA are eligible. No 944 Cup account or yearly dues are required to competition into the series. A present race competition license is needed from PCA, SCCA or NASA.


The 944 Cup started with one-class for typically aspirated/8 valve 944's in 2002 at a battle at Summit point-on Summer 22 with 16 racers joined. The competition occured with NASA but as an independent had and operated race show. The show had 6 rounds of racing that year. Designed as a place to race for almost all front engine Porsches, the show added a second course in 2004, Super Cup, for stronger 944's.

Today rushing with its 13th season, the series has managed over 365 individual races and it is nearing the two, 000th racer entries. As you go along, this has checked out probably the most storied tracks in motorsports history; a list that includes Virginia International Raceway, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Watkins Glen International Raceway and Daytona Global Raceway. To create a secure and well-organized racing environment, the 944 Cup has actually partnered with many groups and sanctioning figures, including World Challenge, PCA, SCCA Club Racing, SCCA professional Racing, Brian Redman’s Intercontinental occasions, Rennsport Reunion, Calabogie Motor Club, Autobahn Motor Club, NASCAR of Canada, NASA and EMRA.

The 944 Cup today races nearly all of its occasions utilizing the Porsche Club of The united states. The first contact from PCA using series regarding the prospect of adding 944 Cup courses for club was at late 2005. Consequently, PCA added two Cup courses in 2006: the SP2 representing the 944 Cup class and SP3 representing the 944 Super Cup course. The show Cup formally split from its original partner club, NASA, in 2008, when NASA chose to go their particular Nationals to Utah.

Several other series allow us directly from the Cup series by former Cup directors, including NASA's 944 Spec, NASA's GTS, as well as the 944 Canada Challenge.

Source: en.wikipedia.org
Honda S2 (NA) vs. Porsche 944 Martini racing at Circuit
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Larry Tech Racing ChumpCar Porsche 944 Dyno Pull
Larry Tech Racing ChumpCar Porsche 944 Dyno Pull
dowm under motorsport Porsche 944 car club racing
dowm under motorsport Porsche 944 car club racing

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