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Porsche 991 GTS Review

This is actually the brand new 424bhp 911 GTS. It meets to the 911 range over the S and underneath the GT3, and is the next time the GTS badging happens to be seen on benchmark rear-engined vehicle.

The first occasion we saw it regarding the 911 was at the end associated with 997 lifecycle, back 2011. That vehicle had been a ‘greatest strikes’ associated with 997 range all rolled up into one automobile, and priced a great £20k less than it could have price if you’d got hectic using configurator.

Using its stronger motor, delete-option back seats, broad body and a stack of information improvements, it absolutely was, by quite some margin, the greatest worth, most satisfactory, 997-gen 911 you can get.

Exact same tale using this one?

In a variety of ways yes. However totally, as you need to be cautious with the method that you spec it to get the most useful through the formula: tick a few of the wrong containers and you’ll be missing the purpose.

The sweet area could be the base GTS with two-wheel drive and handbook seven-speed field. This car provides a barge-load of extra energy and helpful options within the standard Carrera S for very little more cash (relative to the price of the car, about).

The rear-drive manual variation can be, by a stretch, the purest-handling, most enjoyable associated with the GTS mini range, that also includes four-wheel drive and cabriolet options.

Just what do you really get because of the GTS that S doesn’t have?

It’s a laundry list of the small and enormous, although major features tend to be a far more powerful engine compared to the Carrera S’s - a 30bhp hike to 424bhp, the Carrera 4’s wider body, 20-inch centre-lock wheels, recreation Chrono Pack and activities exhaust.

The GTS package costs around £7, 500 more than a typical S, but specced separately the engine improvements alone would set you back almost £2k a lot more than that, so the remaining portion of the material, relating to TG guy Maths, is effectively free.

PDK or handbook, though?

Around we love Porsche’s PDK double clutch gearbox - it’s nonetheless probably the finest in the business - the business has actually outdone itself utilizing the recently revamped seven-speed manual. This can be, without little doubt, the greatest handbook gearbox i've previously made use of. Soft, quick, exact, it's like Porsche features reinvented it-all over again. It’s exclusively polished details such as this that produce so many people continue steadily to buy Porsches.

Is it GTS, like last one, signalling the termination of the 991 range?

Maybe not this time. It’s probably be a typical member of the 911 line-up to any extent further. Nevertheless, the 911 is born for a refresh within the next year or so, so expect you'll see newer and more effective functions added to the product range into the not also remote future.

How exactly does it drive?

The C2 GTS, just like the GTS type of the Cayman and Boxster, is the 911 at its best. Perhaps not also severe to-be a pain to use every day, but exciting adequate to be interesting at all road rates. Weighed against a regular 991, the steering feels more direct and precise; the suspension, which will be somewhat lowered, is simply the right amount more composed.

Driven flat-out on a racetrack, it is excellent fun. But also at more sane speeds traveling the GTS is more entertaining, too, somewhat much more sorted and purposeful.

Therefore do I need to buy one?

Yes, if you buy the base two-wheel drive manual design, which is both conspicuously value as well as the most readily useful appearance for the GTS badge inside 991 range. Possibly even if you want a PDK or four-wheel drive. But probably not if you would like a convertible, as you would be missing the idea within the GTS. Better, in that case, to decide for a standard open-topped 991 Carrera.

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Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review |
Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review |
2015 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS (991) - Test, Test Drive
2015 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS (991) - Test, Test Drive ...
2015保时捷Porsche 911(991) GTS正式发布
2015保时捷Porsche 911(991) GTS正式发布

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